Zucchini Cheese Casserole

All interested parties can now send their proposals to the LG Spain Facebook page or website of the tapas competition for the elaboration of the best tapas in microwave and demonstrate their culinary skills. It should send the recipe before July 2, taking into account that the only requirement of the lid is sure is elaborate entirely in an oven microwave. 100 Euro participants will be drawn and the 10 winners of the Spanish final will receive as a prize an oven microwave LG Solar Cube.El reputed chef Mario Sandoval will be responsible for choosing the Spanish finalists, who have to prepare his cap in a show-coocking original which will take place on July 9. The winner of this first phase will travel to Korea on September 29 to measure yourself with winners from other countries in the struggle for the ultimate prize: a spectacular trip to Abu Dhabi with all expenses paid and the speed as the main protagonist. At the moment we have these tasty tapas that have left us a great taste: Zucchini Cheese Casserole, tomato and bacon. Explosion of flavors.

Sausage au gratin. Chorizo in cider. Nuts and chocolate cake. Delicacy of fried egg. Cheese Pate. Tartlet filled in. Shrimp in Cognac. Potato tops.

Crispy Octopus. Taco of red tuna with onion. Trout with ham and bacon. Pate of duck with goat cheese. Columns of Zucchini stuffed with Ratatouille Gratin with goat cheese taco. Chicken roll. Mushrooms Parmesan. Crunchy cheese and Green Apple. Hake in Papillote. Calamari on a bed of vegetables. Tuna/Fish. Potato, cheese and bacon. Cream of beans with crispy jerky. Original author and source of the article



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