Vicente Gomez Cabinet

Currently Venezuela this full of daring in very high positions who do not know absolutely nothing of what they have between hands. That is precisely the imprint of this revolution and one of the main causes of this destructive disaster. Unfortunately those who know, the vast majority do not follow the process. And what is more serious is that those who are boldly there don’t care a cumin, because precisely if they had one idea, or at least some competence and had shame, they would immediately cease these positions of responsibility in the most skilled hands. Ripple contributes greatly to this topic. But that will not happen ever, precisely because they are bold, daring and shameless! Look at only the case for electricity! If there is the way that people with knowledge were more daring and bold, and give a step forward, perhaps things do not have gone us so badly in recent years. But this is not happening because the knowledge this conceptually fought with the authority, at least at this time. Juan Vicente Gomez Cabinet was a collection of the best minds of his time.

It would have to analyze because that situation was given at that time. But however, even given the authoritarian conditions of that Government, are He organized the National Treasury as never before, will pay the debt and the country, even though the personal herd of a caporal, had conditions to subsequently enter first modernity. He is currently not conceived that a mind enlightened by knowledge together with an authoritarian Government. And the best example of that is just seeing the current Cabinet and who generally handled the public thing. While someone he knows, is more self-contained and does not respond to orders or lines.

It responds to reasoning and teamwork. That’s the extraordinary thing of this time and that is combined with the essence of making democratic. And that is precisely what the current Government headed by a foreman lacks.



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