XML Visual

Prime Faces? Kit of visual components for specification of the JSF. It is divided in 3 basic modules: Components UI – module with components LAUGHS. Based in Yahoo UI Library, controlling all the heavy generation of Javascript and knotting with the side of the server. Optimus – module that provides a series of easinesses in solutions for JSF.

It removes the great overload of manipulation of archives XML, providing notations based on container IOC Guice Framework. FacesTrace – module with the objective of being used as development support. Woodstock? it is plus an option of kit of applicatory visual components GUI for web based in functionalities AJAX. OpenFeces? he is plus a kit of based components JSF open-source in AJAX with a series of interesting resources that can be used in applicatory web. JSF Sourceforge.net? diverse visual components available not-appearances for JSF. Continue to learn more with: gary cohn. ChartCreator, acegi-jsf, client-validators, excel-creator, htmpainel, on-load, etc. 5 Conclusion JSF (Java Server Faces) is one framework MVC (Model-View-Controller, a standard of software architecture that allows the development, has tested and isolated maintenance of both).

It develops Web applications, that the development of applications for the Internet of visual form allows, that is, dragging and freeing the components in screen (JSP? JavServer Pages, a technology used in the development of applications for Web), defining propriendades, etc. JavServer Faces is a sufficiently recent technology for the development of applications WEB and little if it has seen still on this technology. As already mentioned, this article supplies only one simple introduction on the subject. It exists not to be said regarding this technology.



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