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Paulos said that the most difficult technical challenge faced by engineers Honda, was the introduction into the design of a modest size, but very effective radiator. The problem is how to place standpipe system cooling tubes in the double frame and at the same time meet the high standards Honda. Check out Rory Sutherland for additional information. As VTX, Fury is equipped with a 5-speed transmission and drive shaft as the drive. Initially, the companies were thinking about installing a timing belt, but in the end the engineers settled on a drive propeller shaft, as this design has long been developed, which is economically more profitable. It is worth noting that at this point in the directory there is no Honda motorcycle with a toothed belt. But the mechanical filling plays a minor role in the overall concept of this bike. Company representatives stressed that the cruisers should appeal to the emotions of a biker.

In this way the company explains its move away from typical for her comfortable cruiser. Company representatives say they want to a bike on the similarity of those that occur in small private workshops. "Welcome to the wild edge of the Honda" – reads the phrase in the PR materials company. Frame pipe, painted in the color of the bike and exposed to public Review, look very elegant. Such exposure frame construction has been achieved through intricate in design fuel tank, whose capacity is due to this very design, the result was a total of 13 liters. But for beauty, as you know, you have to pay.

The striking front fender thin coats tire, highlighted by no less impressive 21-inch wheel. 18-inch rear wheel with 200mm tire is located under the wing the traditional form with sleek inhibitory signal. In large tubes turning signals, which are by no means take account of clean and thin lines the bike, you should blame the federal laws. But the shape of the headlight, bend forward from the 45-mm pipe plugs, can not fail to delight. If good look at the Fury, you will notice the absence of logos Honda on its sides. Thus, the company wants to keep the origin of the motorcycle mystery to the general public. With regard to control Fury, then the company assured that it will not cause any difficulties, even though chopperny angle of the front fork 38 degrees. Wheelbase Fury in 1809 cm – the longest of the entire range of Honda. Fury is one of the first models focused on the U.S. market, which will be made on a huge new factory Honda in Kumamoto, Japan. For U.S. dealers started selling scheduled for late March. As for European sales not yet known. "Meant to be a new milestone, Honda Fury has incorporated the purity of style and the true nature of the chopper, combining it with an individual approach to every biker, and at the same time, maintaining the quality and reliability that are inherent to any motorcycle Honda ".

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