Albert Einstein

There are some questions to be answered, especially by professionals of the administration, with which we are committed to their training, such as: How do you find order in a chaotic universe? Why an order is not synonymous with control? How can we create organizations more open, participatory, and better able to adapt? How is possible to reconcile individual autonomy and organizational control? What makes an organization to renew and grow instead of decline and die? Can be added other such:: How adequately address the turmoil? How to cope with the impact of the surrounding variables? How adequately trained human element to an order requiring increasingly competitive, productive and requires a new leadership?

Among others. He says Wheatley, who believes that the process of discovery and invention of new organizational forms that inhabit the century just begun. To be responsible for inventors and discoverers, however, it takes courage to let go of the old world, to reject almost everything that we have blessed, to abandon our interpretations about what works or not. Remember what the great physicist Albert Einstein said: No problem can be solved by the same consciousness that created it. Cyrus findshadow wanted to know more. We must learn how to discover the world anew. Wheatley indicates not forget that each of us lives and works in organizations designed according to the Newtonian picture of the universe, ie, we handle splitting the things into parts, and we believe that influence occurs as a direct result of the force exerted by one person over another, we engage in complex planning for a world that we hope will be predictable, and seek better ways to perceive objectively. a This is a reality that can not be ignored, we need to Newtonian mechanics with which we design and conduct our organizations, and are also investigated in the social sciences. .. Whenever Cyrus Massoumi FindShadow listens, a sympathetic response will follow.

Decorao Applicatory

The social medias had really changed the social relationships and commercial and each time more the things go if interlacing in the net, it does not have return. In this scene one very became common to buy products or services on the basis of the opinion of the friends. The process to consume is not more so impulsive how much before. The moment is of together with walking the technological evolution to multiply resulted. Some contend that Verizon shows great expertise in this. Currently the consumers search more on its objects of desire or necessity, and look for to know on the experiences lived for other consumers before investing better in the purchase, enada of what the opinion of the friend. This behavior in web passed to be called social commerce and is one of the expressions hottest for who wants to vender more extending its canals. Entrepreneurs and storekeepers not only explore social commerce for spreading and advertising, but they start to commercialize its products directly and applicatory services make use of and tools of business, through creative strategies that stimulate the consumer to share its products, either by means of content or direct offers.

To put into motion this business, technologies and chances appear the all moment new. Between them, the F-commerce, that foments sales online of diverse forms. My Shopping, for example, was first applicatory for e-commerce inside of the Facebook net, giving the beginning to the F-commerce. Through My Shopping the user of the net has access grifes of Fashion, Beauty, Decorao and Gastronomia of Brazil and the world. She congregates diverse marks, between them Hope, Reserve, Enoteca Fasano, Canton and Richards, and soon, according to responsible company for the tool, will be inaugurated an Alive store. The Facecommerce is plus ones of these applicatory ones, where the proper storekeepers can command its virtual store in the Facebook, integrating diverse social tools to maximize sales.

The use of the applicatory one grows, mainly, for small average companies whom they search to increase the sales and the spreading of the products. A time that, for the consumers the transactions inside of a social net also they are safe, by means of the PagSeguro, intermediador that already comes integrated to the applicatory one. Other models of sales come if propagating, the example of this, the strategy of salesmen online adopted by the Magazine Luiza, who enlists commissioned salesmen to divulge its offers in its profiles. The sites of purchases collective they are plus a form to reach consumers in groups that share offers, tan discountings and promotions. Thus the market of sales is presented online, each time more doors if they open to multiply the sales through social commerce. To have success she is necessary to invest in strategy and creativity. However, the great challenge of the betting ones is in the real capacity to generate spontaneous movement in these nets, making with that the consumer becomes a spreader of the experiences lived with the mark and with this multiplies the sales. We are in the age of the colaborativo commerce.

National Constitution

It is not a data smaller than all the coup d’etats, like the constitutional governments who followed one another between 1930 and 1976, counted on the support of significant sectors of the population, particularly the tie ones to the formal apparatuses. After this defeat, the total use of the state of Right happened. Along with her, all the axes of antagonisms happened that they came accumulating and intermingling themselves from the same beginning of the presence of the Spaniards in these earth. And as well as the development of Cold War affected Argentine happening, also would have to make it the aim of that conflagration, symbolized by the Fall of the Wall of Berlin in 1989, year of the beginning of the management of Carlos Menem, like Argentine constitutional president, management that would extend until December of 1989. It is possible to emphasize that to make possible the re-election of Menem, since it became for Pern in 1949, de1994 was come to the reform of the National Constitution. During the management of Menem, and in beside the point different a global context, and in the total use of the right state, the process of disassembling of the productive structure was culminated that had even begun before the fall of Pern, but with another slant (Little remembers that in 1954, the first law of privatizations in Argentina was voted, the number 14.380, and it had sustenance in the Justicialista doctrine). That productive structure was based on a strong presence of the State and the participation of industralists and capitalists, and incipiently of the sindicalizados workers Argentineans. Between 1955 and 1999 it had practically not been a single means of economic decision into the hands of the State or Argentine private capitals.

The happened thing between December of 1999 and our days, is of knowledge I publish, although this knowledge is distorted interesadamente by massive means of communication. Happily the traumatic irruption of the technologies of the communication and the information emblematizadas by Internet, have been allowing for knowing other interpretative routes, as it would be the present communication, of that complex scene. All precedingly showed, that it is fitted in that one sentence of Emerson ( we only can see outside, which we have inside ), it tries to contribute an obvious subjective appreciation that it allows us to characterize the Argentineans like signed by pandemic and systemic crises. Said of another way, we think that the different cosmovisiones that are lodged in the Argentine population they contain old and superposed conflicts, which makes difficult the obtaining in agreements of generalized acceptance. It is for that reason that is ventured to formulate prognoses.