Vinyl Sliding

This is because the manufacture siding over the future stability of its color corresponds to titanium dioxide, wherein the intense white color. Consequently, the lighter the siding, the more it titanium dioxide. The more titanium dioxide, the siding is resistant to burnout. Other natural factors vinyl siding are not terrible. It can easily stand humidity, temperature, moderately acidic and alkaline environment. Facebook brings even more insight to the discussion. Rain is not terrible – the siding does not absorb moisture, water simply flows through it.

The sun will not spoil it – this applies not only to color, as already mentioned, but also the shape of the coating. Generally, high-quality vinyl siding great feeling in the temperature range from -50 to +50 Celsius. Specially for fans Nature is worth mentioning about the ecological purity of the material. Do it yourself. In principle, the siding can sheathe any facade. It is so simple that it can handle without special tools and fastening of panels to each other locks on the principle of design does not require special skills. Mounted siding nails or screws attached to the wall, sometimes even without special treatment of the latter. But if the wall is the basis of wood, it must be treated flame retardant and antiseptic composition to provide fire resistance and that the tree does not bend.

Also note that any material in the heat increases. To do this, attach siding need "with reserve", leaving 1,5 – 2 mm gap between the panel and the nail head. Siding – it's beautiful. In addition to the main panels, there is also a lot of accessories that help make each unique facade.



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