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They are available both in pure form, that is made of one material, and in all sorts of bizarre combinations, such as metal and plastic. Wood – material for us familiar and well-proven. Wood excellent protection against cold and unnecessary noise. This is a fairly durable material. Environmentally friendly wood is well known to all. True, few people think that this environmentally friendly, you can easily wipe out low-quality paints, varnishes and impregnation.

Wood requires a real hard pre-processing and rejection, so there are wooden windows is not cheap, about twice as expensive than the same window, but with a frame made of pvc. More expensive luxury box made of fine laminated timber – oak, European beech, mahogany. The appearance of plastic windows pushed from the market, wooden frame. pvc (polyvinyl chloride) – a practical, robust, durable and inexpensive material. Heat and soundproof properties, it is not inferior wood. Moreover, now pvc is environmentally safe, even at the stage of production and utilization. The fact that recently appeared recipe 'green line', introduced on all German industries kbe (a leader in the Russian market of plastic profiles for windows and doors). The technique involves the use of only 'lead free' stabilizers that are based on environmentally friendly compounds of calcium – zinc (CZn). In Germany, window of a safe plastic meet the new requirements of the Commission on the Environment of the European Union, under which up to 2006 pvc profile should significantly reduce the use of lead compounds. Aluminum frames, characterized the increased strength, the most useful for large window openings, for example, stained glass and glass balconies.

National Assembly

National Assembly of the single cable contains two clutches and two "Cold end", while the National Assembly of the two-conductor cable on one end of the reinforced end cap, and another – clutch and the "cold end". Accordingly, the different schemes and styling. Typically, the circuit placement two-conductor cable is easier, but the cable at all manufacturers slightly more expensive single-core – in fact the entire length of the heating of the heating wires laid along the feeding vein, and the whole structure is covered with metal screen (usually braided), and a protective sheath. The presence of shield required by the requirements of emp (Rules of operation of electrical equipment), and in his section, he shall be equivalent to 1.0 sq. Coupang is often mentioned in discussions such as these. mm copper conductor. Phil Vasan may help you with your research.

As a rule, on the surface of the cable marking is present, allowing to accurately determine the cable type, voltage, power density and the release date. How does the "warm floor" The system "warm floor" includes: heating section; control equipment (thermostat with a temperature sensor); Accessories to facilitate and expedite installation (mounting tape, corrugated plastic tube, etc.); Isolation. On-lined and purified draft floor insulation, then reinforced mounting tape, with which fix the heating section. "Cold end" conclusion on the wall for connection to a thermostat. Determine the place the thermostat setting, and placed near the site of the thermostat setting between the two threads of the heating cable corrugated pipe to install a temperature sensor. At this point, not hurt to make a small sketch stacking, which show the place of laying clutches and the sensor. .

Distinguishing Features Of High-quality Steel Doors .

Any input double doors or steel technical door – is to protect your home and property from intruders. Furthermore, a good door also protects the house from cold, wind and noise. For quality steel Door presented a set of requirements. What you should know buyers to purchase a truly high-quality steel door? Should be evaluated elite steel doors for the following: – the level of burglary – the level of heat and sound insulation – the look of the door; As mentioned above, high-quality door should reliably protect the home, office or business from outside invasion. The level of burglary door depends on its design.

Any steel door consists of a metal skeleton with ribs, the steel plates welded to it from both sides and the door frame. Between canvases laid insulation. Choosing door, look for thick steel door leaf – usually it ranges from 1.5 to 3 mm. Depending on the type of door and from the manufacturer. But do not forget that the thickness of steel sheet – not a guarantee of safety.

Good door must have high quality hardware – handles, locks, hinges, latches and other locking system provides 50% reliability of your door. On a steel door should be installed two locks, with different designs (one – lever, and second – cylinder or Glow) – it will complicate the task of an attacker. The next element – a loop. Their number depends on the weight of the door. Only two loops, if it does not exceed 70 kg. For doors weighing over 70 kg should be used three loops. For a steel door, instead of the standard, it is better to use a loop with the ball, which is located between the pin and the bottom cap. This type of hinge requires less lubrication, does not creak, and much longer serves. Most common type of force the door – cutting loops. Therefore, high-quality steel door shall be equipped protivosemnymi pins that it in the door frame, even if the attacker cut off or knocked down loops. Their mounted on the door from the side opposite the castle. When closing protivosemnye pins enter the socket frame and fix it. Number of pins varies from 2 to 4. The next parameter – the level of warmth and soundproofing. Between the door leaf is laid insulation. Most often used for this purpose mineral wool – it has a high level of fire resistance, as well as good heat and sound insulation qualities. Also important that the perimeter of the door seal was laid, it will protect your home from drafts and odors. And last – appearance of the door. As is known, except for reliability and durability, the door should be presentable appearance. It depends on the finish you choose. Modern manufacturers provide a wide range of decorative materials to suit every taste and every budget. Here are the most popular finishes: , laminates, mdf panels, veneer natural, natural wood pulp, dyeing and its variants (powder coating, graphite coating, the coating , etc.). There is a wide selection of colors and textures of any decorative material. Also, the door can be decorated with decorative elements such as art forging, carving, etc. The choice of door trim is determined by its purpose and the amount available to the buyer. Well-matched finish ensures your door personality and turn it into a work of art.

Business Recovery Steps

That the stairs were a convenient and reliable recovery steps must be no larger than 15cm. Otherwise, to It is difficult to climb, but at the same time no less than 10 cm, then you will stumble on it. In general, these regulations exist in Europe and this will be the standard. In a variant, if you come to build a presentable house according to the rules of architecture, then you need to know what practical steps there are only 2 types – actually it's mid-flight and of course, spiral staircases. Currently, all other variants of stairs – this is their variety. Steps will be able to keep any sort of appearance, from standard and up to the original, carved, but they must also have cuts or relief has the upper hand, in order that they can not slide in the including if they are wet. Figured steps for stairs obviously can look in one piece and of course, composed of individual segments. Specifically for outdoor steps, as well, and as in general construction of pools now better clinker tiles.

Clinker stage, make their own from a German or Polish clinker have the proper hardness, and of course waterproof. In addition, they do not freeze. Still really want to pay particular attention to the baseboard. He is able to be present on the left or right, it depends from what kind of ladder is expected to be open. If the same plinth will be placed on both sides of the stairs, then you should come out to buy the same number of left and right of course, plinth. In general, the acquisition of plinths in the case of mandatory pay particular attention to its brand. Unfortunately, the market building materials have always formed the sea of low-quality and fake this plinth.

Required part of the decoration and natural step would be ''. In any case, pay attention to his external appearance and natural quality. Of course it is possible that 'podstupenku' will need to adjust the parameters directly by cutting. In general, at any given time the market there are unique sets of porcelain and natural clinker for production of stairs. In a variant, if you as a material for their own ladders, used brick or granite, and at the same time have been complied with everything standards of construction, such a ladder, in particular ceramic stage will serve you for a long time. The optimal time interval warranty data ladders starts from 25 years and more.

Wooden Houses

A wooden house can be build in any location, virtually any soil. For its erection suitable conveyor or pile foundation, as a rule, shallow bookmarks. Therefore, other things being equal, such a house would cost in 1,5-2 times cheaper brick, and on its thermal properties and durability will be comparable with the latter. Hut of the xxi century was a time when Russia all are built of wood – from peasant to princely houses the chambers. That house was a traditional Russian housing. However, due to many natural causes associated with the shortcomings of wood as a building material, with the passage of time preference are given to buildings of brick, and later – composite blocks. Today, the natural disadvantages of wood begin to address already in the preliminary stages of production.

It is known that the average moisture content of wood is about 70%. Therefore, we first need the wood is dried, and then it impregnated with different chemical composition. Special antiseptics ( Bio "," Cram-C "," Biokron "and others) provide reliable protection against rot and insects. The use of fire retardants and biopirenov (Norteks " "Pirilaks", etc.) significantly reduces the risk of fire wood. Therefore, the life of a modern wooden house is large enough. According to the chief of the secondary sales of suburban property company Soho Realty Maxim Suharkova, it is about 100-150 years. Contemporary wooden construction can be divided into three main areas: the carcass (home from solid wood), frame and panel. At the same time, many construction companies offer a wide variety of standard designs, differing architectural and design solutions.

Frame Houses Questions

Not so long ago, most people refer to this technology, construction of houses is cool enough, if not negative. The reason for this is our ingrained belief that the house should be a fortress. In literally and figuratively. The latter argument makes no sense – we all want to feel cozy and comfortable, but the first part of this phrase with each passing year, especially lately, losing its relevance. C Children in our head pawned the idea that the walls of homes must be made of stone (brick, concrete, etc., etc.), which in turn will provide the reliability of the assembly. Logical. However, it is necessary to calculate all the necessary materials for of the house and its corresponding base, then we will have to sit in a chair and a cold drink some water (well, unless some water) to put himself in a sense of the amount which will be released in our estimates. And, I want to noted, these are only the materials, without work.

Accordingly, each question about what to do next? Dive into history. No one will argue with the fact that Western man rather pragmatic. In Canada, middle of last century, there was a surge in demand for construction of houses. Unlimited forest resources prompted engineers to the idea of using them as a framework for future homes. Undoubted advantage in this case is the low cost of construction, high speed construction of buildings, and will certainly create a huge number of jobs, coupled with economic development throughout the country. For several years, this technology construction of houses has been widely recognized at home and allowed to provide housing needs for residents of Canada. Applied to our situation, it is worth noting that the climatic conditions of Russia and Canada practically identical, which allows easily to implement frame construction in our region without changing its basic principles. Also be aware that in our time a huge number of new materials and technologies to simplify many aspects of construction and improve the performance of the finished home.

All of us want our next house looked nice and to our joy at the market there are a lot of ready of houses. However, the question arises of how to combine the finished project if it incorporated the use of stone and heavy slabs and frame construction In fact, no problem. Educated architect, working coupled with the "normal" builders, quite calmly may revise the draft to get the desired result. Also, you can not forget about the interior design of our house. Thinking over all the details at the initial stage will us to avoid unnecessary costs in the construction process and the final stage. Naturally, this problem is an architect, but forget about it not worth it. It is better to provide everything in advance. After spending some time in the beginning, we save his strength, nerves, and finance later. A huge plus is the technology of 3D visualization, which allows us to see our whole house alive. Every corner of your home is presented to you as if you looks at your Photo Album. You can see looks like your living room or bedroom at night, when lit fireplace, or a day in the rays of bright sun. Good day to you, beautiful design and comfortable home.