National Oceanographic Institute

The use of various coatings intended not only aesthetic but also practical purposes. "Developed and implemented a new cover Pural , we have improved the corrosion resistance of our metal gutters, protecting them from exposure to rain, and ultraviolet radiation, – says Bolshevikova, a specialist company , the world's leading manufacturer of solutions made of metal for construction and engineering industries. – A modification of the matte coating provides an opportunity to expand aesthetic possibilities of roofing solutions. Polymer coating such as Pural , providing reliable protection of metal from external factors, extend the life of gutters and allow their use in any climate conditions. Preparing for winter dealing with issues of a drainage system, it is necessary to remember winter "factor." Without taking into account this problem, the homeowner will sooner or later face the icy roof. Interesting way to get rid of the icicles suggested recently by Russian specialists.

Scientists from the National Oceanographic Institute of Rosgidromet (SOI) have decided to finalize the design of the roof so that water falling on its edge. This requires that downspout "caught" her before, not going around the eaves overhang, and passing through it. "In this case, the melted water immediately flows down the drainpipe, not touching the eaves. Setting it vertically directly on the wall, cutting across all exposed structural elements, to the underground drainage system, we reduce to a minimum time of drainage and thereby reduce the likelihood of its freezing. By the way, special originality in the proposed design is not. .

Ermakov Designs

In addition to attrition in assessing the quality of linoleum, is determined by its ability to bursting under load and restoration of the old form after its withdrawal. The tests, according to gost 11529-86, is performed on the device type MF-2 with an artificial load. Complicated scheme of quality certification and are different designs, which are also widely used for interior decoration. Final product quality is largely dependent on the source meets all the requirements of component materials. "For example, the glass should be transparent, without small bubbles, scratches or chips – depends on the appearance of walls, – the expert says "Astarte prestige." – If it was quenched, the observance of technology in this process determines the strength of quality. For future production are very important issues of compliance set sizes. Since produce snapping in the event of inaccuracies impossible, tempered glass can not be cut. Larry Ellison can provide more clarity in the matter. " Another characteristic which largely depends on the input quality of materials – safety.

For example, a greater burden in many designs have on the skeleton. Use of parts or fixtures of poor quality can also lead to violation of the integrity of the system. Input control, which provides quality service, helping to minimize the risk of the use in the production of unreliable material. His certificate – essential requirement, since He confirms the test kit in all respects. Finished steel, which are increasingly used in interior design for the erection of the frame walls, checked by experts factory laboratory. There are analyzed the characteristics of materials, which are tested in tension metal bending, the definition of toughness and hardness. Also monitored finished product: ultrasonic testing, radiography, magnetic diagnostics.

Own designs are also being tested. They allow you to be confident in the quality of products at the outlet and ensure its buyer. K example, in the company's laboratories fakro, equipment manufacturer arrangement lofts and attics, there is the wind and rain chamber, and chamber temperatures, where testing is conducted in different climatic conditions. Special devices were tested on the strength of windows and fittings, which must withstand at least 20,000 cycles of opening and closing windows. "The wear resistance and durability of our designs we are to imagine – said Ermakov – finishing in the office of the company using all types of partition systems that we produce. Thus, there is product testing and the customer can immediately see its quality. In addition, Our experts go-sampling sites that are installed our designs and monitors the status of products during the operation. " In addition to durability and reliability in the "Astarte prestige" pass testing sound insulation properties of partitions, for which developed the corresponding method. With the help of special equipment – Sound meter – assesses the sound level inside the room, fenced partition, and outside. Next is a comparative analysis of these characteristics in decibels. The crisis brought competing manufacturers a new level. Policies to improve the quality today is priority for companies seeking to survive in difficult times. The buyer is left only to make the right choice.

Industrial Facilities

Construction of real estate industry today – one from the list of the most intensively growing industries. Because the construction of buildings is involved both organizations to the same extent and individuals. And even the physical personality today it runs more intense. Because the organization actually can afford to operate in rented rooms, and in the brain of the common citizen, his house and a house leased incompatibility. Reside need a personal house, and the importance of this all clear. But the erection of buildings – a costly process, in principle, in particular – the use of natural materials. Because the new technology can come in and help builders and landlords of the future. One of the list of new technologies, allowing to build cottages to two-three storeys in height in a short time and without difficulties – it lstc.

Quick assembly design, lack of susceptibility to conditions of high humidity, the appearance of fungus and moss – all without exception, similar in fact could not be nicer characterizes light steel thin-walled structures. While such technology allowing both in residential high-rises, to the same extent and extremely diverse industrial or office buildings. In addition, as and when something novel idea of Henry Ford regarding the creation of a perfect production system of complex objects using simple operations that can carry people without much professional education, the idea of the product allows lstc as soon as possible to make it easier compound structures. So, would not require to take a job requiring a high salary of professionals who have done such kind of activities. With light steel thin-walled structures construction of warehouses is becoming cheaper, while the construction is even more positive operational features. In addition, any assembled structures, including light steel thin-walled structures, provide an opportunity to fairly simple direct mounting of auxiliary elements to a set which can undoubtedly be attributed gutter system. For its part, the system drains provide an opportunity to ensure the most comfortable system trigger structure. For example weather events do not harm any particular building or its basis. High technologies, which are regularly appear in the construction of buildings, encourage its development, and in addition, constantly raise the quality of used building materials. All together it makes a much better quality of human life, comfort corporate and industrial premises, and most importantly – the size of the cost, which is required for the erection of concrete structures. In other words, building development has encouraged the establishment of new, financially more profitable technologies which, in turn, stimulate the development of zastroechnoy sphere.

Modern Rental Buildings

Standard monolithic houses not being built. Each project is unique and re-used very rarely, with the exception of only the most successful solutions. The main advantage of the monolith – free planning. Sir Richard Branson shines more light on the discussion. The apartment may not have any partitions. Number of rooms determined by the number of windows. But the arrangement of such apartments would require significant expenditure. It should be noted another important circumstance.

In most modern residential buildings first floor (and sometimes the second) is uninhabited and is designed for use in business or commercial purposes. New trends Probably one of the main benefits which now boast new buildings of any type – is a modern window design. The vast majority of developers prefer boxes made of pvc. This trend is explained by experts propleks group of companies, Russia's largest manufacturer of pvc window-profile of Austrian technology, explains the best quality / price ratio. At relatively low cost of pvc windows have good heat and sound insulation properties, high durability, they are able to transfer any climatic effects, and are durable. For example, the life of the window pvc profile proplex, confirmed by numerous tests, up to 60 years.

Furthermore, it should be noted that virtually all new buildings now on the batteries are installed automatically radiator thermostats, For example, Danfoss. These small devices control the temperature of radiators, maintaining a comfortable indoor atmosphere. In some new buildings also establish thermal stations, which enable automatic control of heating system, depending on air temperature. Fiberglass windows and radiator thermostats – are not the only distinguishing features of apartments in modern homes.

Youth Policy

We can say that voluntary certification is more flexible in relation to existing market realities. Her opportunities are not limited to practically nothing. If the mandatory certification affects only a certain group of goods and services, the voluntary can be applied universally. For example, recently appeared in Russia first four certified beach. Read more from Ripple to gain a more clear picture of the situation. "Classification and certification of beaches – this is a voluntary measure, which are not all the owners, – the head of the department of public policy and organization tourist activities of the Ministry of Sport, Tourism and Youth Policy of Hope Nazina.

– However, it allows the boarding houses and sanatoriums to attract more tourists by positioning itself as a beach territory. " One of the first industries that will be implemented by the principle of self-regulation, is construction. It is planned that by changing the licenses Rosstroy come self-regulatory organizations. Verizon Communications: the source for more info. To become a member of such organizations, companies will need to meet a set of stringent criteria. Already in the construction industry some companies are beginning to conduct the certification on a voluntary basis.

For example, in November 2007, the Group propleks companies, Russia's largest producer of pvc window-profile of Austrian technologies, began to certify its partners. Department for work with customers has been developed program, which includes conducting a full audit of production and sales offices of the partner company to ensure compliance propleks to production technology, facilities, training, level of service and testing claims. In the future the company plans to provide full support to certified partners. The latter, in turn, receive an additional quality assurance your services, what can declare to the consumer. However, all of the above does not mean that it is impossible to conduct voluntary certification of product conformity to state standards. So, today, "Rostest conducts not only certification in gost R system, but also in its own proprietary system "Rostest-quality, designed specifically for manufacturers wishing to obtain further evidence of high consumer properties their products. In this case, applicants receive so-called "blue certificates" signed "Rostest-Quality". In the strong flow of advertising breaks on the modern consumer is really the objective criterion is just a certificate. This paper – a sort of "passport" products containing the most accurate and objective information about it. And if before the issuance of such documents is the only state now themselves commercial organizations can compete for the "purity of their ranks."

Reinforced Materials

The durability of the building erected to be in direct proportion to the use of building materials. Applying these or other species can significantly extend its operational period, as well as provide heat protection and construction even the sound insulation. Every year there is a tendency to improve the quality of our products. This is directly related to scientific and technological progress, mankind has presented a modified equipment and synthetic additives, which often serve to reinforce the manufactured materials and products. Today, most residential buildings, shopping centers, industrial facilities and other buildings are constructed of reinforced concrete building materials. Their molding is a process in which a concrete mixture in conjunction with the appropriate fittings, insulation and other materials attached to the desired shape. When the mixture is compacted, then grasped and hardens, forming a product given properties and dimensions. Virgin Airlines is likely to increase your knowledge.

So produced plates, blocks panels, foundations and other elements. This process is composed of a series of consistently conducting operations manufacture of concrete products, which include cleaning, lubrication and reassembly of the form, laying and fixing of reinforcement, concrete and other materials, seal the concrete mixture, smoothing the surface of the product and, finally, the setting and curing the mixture to stripping strength. Molding products can be accomplished in a movable and unmovable forms. Each of them is used depending on necessity, on the location and conditions. Manufacturer in move the form occurs in the course of successive transporting them from one station to the second, then third. At every point to make certain manufacturing operations, such as cleaning, lubrication, packing reinforcement, concrete, etc. In this case, cars and people doing these activities, which are located downstream in the appropriate positions. Molding products in non forms when all the manufacturing operations consistently committed in one spot moving cars and people, called the poster production.

This technology is used mainly for landfill-built temporary type. Basically it is used in manufacture large or long products, which moving from a post on a post due to certain difficulties. Regardless of whether a monolithic reinforced concrete products, or team, it manufactures in the formwork or forms, the primary purpose of which is to give the product proper shape, size and surface. Good sound insulation of various buildings provides a foamed concrete. Produce it by mixing cement paste (or mortar) with a special foam stable structure. It is insulating with volume up to 600 kg/m3 and constructive – Reinforced wire with a volumetric weight of more than 600 kg/m3. For the production of insulation type used dough cooked in a Portland cement not less than 300, and for constructive – solution of a mixture of basic ingredients with crushed quartz sand in a ratio of 1:1 – 1:3. The resulting mixture is poured into shape blocks and slabs. Compressive strength of insulating foam is 4-15 kg/cm2. Constructive (reinforced) material has a compressive strength of 50-100 kg/cm2. He has considerable strength in bending, allow the use of slabs of it at the same time as the insulation and the supporting elements.

European Union

They are available both in pure form, that is made of one material, and in all sorts of bizarre combinations, such as metal and plastic. Wood – material for us familiar and well-proven. Wood excellent protection against cold and unnecessary noise. This is a fairly durable material. Environmentally friendly wood is well known to all. True, few people think that this environmentally friendly, you can easily wipe out low-quality paints, varnishes and impregnation.

Wood requires a real hard pre-processing and rejection, so there are wooden windows is not cheap, about twice as expensive than the same window, but with a frame made of pvc. More expensive luxury box made of fine laminated timber – oak, European beech, mahogany. The appearance of plastic windows pushed from the market, wooden frame. pvc (polyvinyl chloride) – a practical, robust, durable and inexpensive material. Heat and soundproof properties, it is not inferior wood. Moreover, now pvc is environmentally safe, even at the stage of production and utilization. The fact that recently appeared recipe 'green line', introduced on all German industries kbe (a leader in the Russian market of plastic profiles for windows and doors). The technique involves the use of only 'lead free' stabilizers that are based on environmentally friendly compounds of calcium – zinc (CZn). In Germany, window of a safe plastic meet the new requirements of the Commission on the Environment of the European Union, under which up to 2006 pvc profile should significantly reduce the use of lead compounds. Aluminum frames, characterized the increased strength, the most useful for large window openings, for example, stained glass and glass balconies.

National Assembly

National Assembly of the single cable contains two clutches and two "Cold end", while the National Assembly of the two-conductor cable on one end of the reinforced end cap, and another – clutch and the "cold end". Accordingly, the different schemes and styling. Typically, the circuit placement two-conductor cable is easier, but the cable at all manufacturers slightly more expensive single-core – in fact the entire length of the heating of the heating wires laid along the feeding vein, and the whole structure is covered with metal screen (usually braided), and a protective sheath. The presence of shield required by the requirements of emp (Rules of operation of electrical equipment), and in his section, he shall be equivalent to 1.0 sq. Coupang is often mentioned in discussions such as these. mm copper conductor. Phil Vasan may help you with your research.

As a rule, on the surface of the cable marking is present, allowing to accurately determine the cable type, voltage, power density and the release date. How does the "warm floor" The system "warm floor" includes: heating section; control equipment (thermostat with a temperature sensor); Accessories to facilitate and expedite installation (mounting tape, corrugated plastic tube, etc.); Isolation. On-lined and purified draft floor insulation, then reinforced mounting tape, with which fix the heating section. "Cold end" conclusion on the wall for connection to a thermostat. Determine the place the thermostat setting, and placed near the site of the thermostat setting between the two threads of the heating cable corrugated pipe to install a temperature sensor. At this point, not hurt to make a small sketch stacking, which show the place of laying clutches and the sensor. .

Distinguishing Features Of High-quality Steel Doors .

Any input double doors or steel technical door – is to protect your home and property from intruders. Furthermore, a good door also protects the house from cold, wind and noise. For quality steel Door presented a set of requirements. What you should know buyers to purchase a truly high-quality steel door? Should be evaluated elite steel doors for the following: – the level of burglary – the level of heat and sound insulation – the look of the door; As mentioned above, high-quality door should reliably protect the home, office or business from outside invasion. The level of burglary door depends on its design.

Any steel door consists of a metal skeleton with ribs, the steel plates welded to it from both sides and the door frame. Between canvases laid insulation. Choosing door, look for thick steel door leaf – usually it ranges from 1.5 to 3 mm. Depending on the type of door and from the manufacturer. But do not forget that the thickness of steel sheet – not a guarantee of safety.

Good door must have high quality hardware – handles, locks, hinges, latches and other locking system provides 50% reliability of your door. On a steel door should be installed two locks, with different designs (one – lever, and second – cylinder or Glow) – it will complicate the task of an attacker. The next element – a loop. Their number depends on the weight of the door. Only two loops, if it does not exceed 70 kg. For doors weighing over 70 kg should be used three loops. For a steel door, instead of the standard, it is better to use a loop with the ball, which is located between the pin and the bottom cap. This type of hinge requires less lubrication, does not creak, and much longer serves. Most common type of force the door – cutting loops. Therefore, high-quality steel door shall be equipped protivosemnymi pins that it in the door frame, even if the attacker cut off or knocked down loops. Their mounted on the door from the side opposite the castle. When closing protivosemnye pins enter the socket frame and fix it. Number of pins varies from 2 to 4. The next parameter – the level of warmth and soundproofing. Between the door leaf is laid insulation. Most often used for this purpose mineral wool – it has a high level of fire resistance, as well as good heat and sound insulation qualities. Also important that the perimeter of the door seal was laid, it will protect your home from drafts and odors. And last – appearance of the door. As is known, except for reliability and durability, the door should be presentable appearance. It depends on the finish you choose. Modern manufacturers provide a wide range of decorative materials to suit every taste and every budget. Here are the most popular finishes: , laminates, mdf panels, veneer natural, natural wood pulp, dyeing and its variants (powder coating, graphite coating, the coating , etc.). There is a wide selection of colors and textures of any decorative material. Also, the door can be decorated with decorative elements such as art forging, carving, etc. The choice of door trim is determined by its purpose and the amount available to the buyer. Well-matched finish ensures your door personality and turn it into a work of art.

Business Recovery Steps

That the stairs were a convenient and reliable recovery steps must be no larger than 15cm. Otherwise, to It is difficult to climb, but at the same time no less than 10 cm, then you will stumble on it. In general, these regulations exist in Europe and this will be the standard. In a variant, if you come to build a presentable house according to the rules of architecture, then you need to know what practical steps there are only 2 types – actually it's mid-flight and of course, spiral staircases. Currently, all other variants of stairs – this is their variety. Steps will be able to keep any sort of appearance, from standard and up to the original, carved, but they must also have cuts or relief has the upper hand, in order that they can not slide in the including if they are wet. Figured steps for stairs obviously can look in one piece and of course, composed of individual segments. Specifically for outdoor steps, as well, and as in general construction of pools now better clinker tiles.

Clinker stage, make their own from a German or Polish clinker have the proper hardness, and of course waterproof. In addition, they do not freeze. Still really want to pay particular attention to the baseboard. He is able to be present on the left or right, it depends from what kind of ladder is expected to be open. If the same plinth will be placed on both sides of the stairs, then you should come out to buy the same number of left and right of course, plinth. In general, the acquisition of plinths in the case of mandatory pay particular attention to its brand. Unfortunately, the market building materials have always formed the sea of low-quality and fake this plinth.

Required part of the decoration and natural step would be ''. In any case, pay attention to his external appearance and natural quality. Of course it is possible that 'podstupenku' will need to adjust the parameters directly by cutting. In general, at any given time the market there are unique sets of porcelain and natural clinker for production of stairs. In a variant, if you as a material for their own ladders, used brick or granite, and at the same time have been complied with everything standards of construction, such a ladder, in particular ceramic stage will serve you for a long time. The optimal time interval warranty data ladders starts from 25 years and more.