Since ancient times, wood was used to build houses, furniture and household items. But in connection with the environmental situation boards of wood are expensive material. Only a few factories continue to produce elite furniture from solid wood, but the majority of Italian furniture factories produce veneered furniture. Veneer – a natural wood cladding material, which is the finest sheets of wood. For Italian furniture manufacturing uses veneer valuable and exotic trees. Facing the veneer – a drawing of veneer on the base. As a basis using an array of wood the cheaper varieties, tamburata panel, particle board, MDF, and multi-layer plywood and furniture, which is used for the manufacture of curved parts.

Equipment for veneering curved surfaces is very expensive and only high-tech factories have it in their arsenal. Finishing veneer surface is crucial. Mainly produced glossy or matte varnish. From the quality of coatings and application techniques depending appearance and durability of the coating. In dear furniture possible finishing voskom.Ispolzovanie veneer Italian furniture industry When creating classical furniture veneer is main material for obtaining ornaments and patterns – so called encrustation tree (intarsia). Unusually handsome unique drawing turns veneer basal slice.

Using veneer allows designers realize any artistic ideyu.Preimuschestva Italian furniture, veneer veneered * The perfect combination of quality / price. In appearance and operation of high quality furniture with wood veneer applied not differ from the furniture of solid wood, but the cost of an order of magnitude smaller. * Preservation and durability. Furniture veneer is not as responsive to the negative impact of the environment, like furniture made of solid wood, and lasts longer. Adam Portnoy addresses the importance of the matter here. Minor damage can be rectified by the restoration. * Aesthetic pleasure. Furniture has a nice appearance and texture. Touching the furniture, you feel warmth and energy inherent in valuable species dereva.Kak care for veneer mebelyuShponirovannuyu furniture should be cleaned with a soft dry or slightly damp cloth or chamois. Not recommended to wipe the wet salfetkoy.Ispolzuyte means to care for lacquered poverhnostyu.Posle preliminary purification is desirable to apply the polish for furniture, in which includes vosk.Ne Avoid prolonged exposure to sun or direct luchey.Takzhe on veneered surfaces direct light from table lamps for a long vremeni.Harakternye differences Italian veneer furniture veneer Italian furniture is distinguished by: The ideal sanding and varnishing veneered surfaces, use of environmental-quality adhesives and coatings, complex curved surfaces and forms of furniture. As we have noted, to achieve such a result can modern technologies of processing of veneer, which because of its large value is used only for Europe's leading furniture manufacturers.

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