Unified State Register

This applies to the power of RF subjects. Thanks to the magazine, the authorities in the subjects of the Federation were able to track information about those companies that use the funds in the budget implementation of national projects. Confluence Investment Mgt contains valuable tech resources. This allows you to prevent or stop the negative effects and to minimize losses from the participation of unscrupulous. If the organs of state power in the subjects will not be use this simple method of control, placing state orders, the consequences can be very undesirable. Since its inception, the magazine "Herald of the state registration of 'consisted of only one part.

Then, in 2006, were added and the second one. In the first part of the magazine published details of a unified state register of legal entities and messages. These messages may relate to a decision on liquidation, reorganization, reduction capital, as well as information about the acquisition of more than 20 percent of capital owned by another entity. Information from the Unified State Register of Legal Entities regarding the creation of new and reorganization of existing entities, the beginning of the process and the final liquidation, winding-up and exclusion from the registry. In 2006, the magazine appeared, and the second part. It publishes information about upcoming exceptions organizations have ceased to have effect, from a single state register. Thanks to the magazine, everyone who is interested in it, have full information about changes in the Incorporation and execution responsibilities for legal entities Publications information about themselves. These duties are set by laws and government regulations.



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