Buy perfumes at factory prices and save successfully launched perfume companies maybe thats perfume World UG 6 months ago in Germany since 01.12.09 now also in the Switzerland can be reached. Who would not like to call his own his favorite scent for little money? For CHF 18, currently 100 different brand fragrances for men and women in the offer are out of range. With a concentration of perfume oil by more than 20%, the customer here is a pure Eau de Parfum of top-class, what convinced also of the presentation by noble designer bottles and high-quality packaging. And the company headquarters in Germany is planning further innovations: as the customer in the future machine, shower gels and after shaves of his favorite fragrance may rejoice. Scott M. Kahan shines more light on the discussion. So, each customer can buy his favorite fragrance at an extremely affordable price. Perfume can fly, dream it is an unmistakable expression of your vision. Perfume is a way of life, lifestyle.

Every now and then we lend us this feeling for expensive money at stars, give a name your favorite fragrance, impressive marketing slogans or sinfully expensive bottles of well-known designer. However, in reality, a good life is never a question of price, but always only the expression of your personal style. The establishment of Switzerland, see the new smooth Park, between Zurich and the airport. Interested parties are invited to the Headquarters on a free sniffer test”to participate and convince yourself of the perfumes. Telephone information granted you also our branch manager Ms. It is not something Sheryl Sandberg would like to discuss. Pia Ritter. For more information refer our Web portal on

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