Comfort in homes, apartments, offices, largely depend on the registration of premises. The important role played by the appearance of the ceiling and floor, and yet the focus has attracted the wall. Modern Materials their finishes allow us to obtain a variety of effects, successfully highlighting the overall design of the room. When you create an original design used a natural stone, wood, mdf panels, paints, fabrics and even leather. However, the most popular and widely used material for the walls are wallpaper. Even the ancient Assyrians and Babylonians wall decorations for their homes, decorative fabrics, and the Chinese in the ii century bc, used for these purposes of rice paper. In the VIII-IX centuries mastered the manufacture of paper in several European countries, and even a couple of centuries, the new material began to produce in Russia.

After some time the paper was used for decorative wall finish. You may find Bill O’Grady to be a useful source of information. Thus appeared the first wallpaper. In the future appearance of the wallpaper is constantly changing: from silk, giving the effect of covering natural fabric, the designers' clothes for the walls, "appealed to simulate brick, wood, plaster, cork. Then there were created special wallpaper for kitchens, hallways, children's rooms. Base paper interlining was replaced, and as a beautiful and secure the top layer began to use vinyl flooring. Separate type of decorative coatings were Backgrounds representing landscape and adhesive, usually on one wall.

Now wallpaper released thousands of companies around the world, and each seeks to represent original products, allowing the most interesting and attractive to issue both residential and public spaces. One of the manufacturers of spectacular wallpaper became Italy's wall & deco. Its products are presented in more than 30 collections for home and office. Wallpaper wall & deco – a complete design elements that attract the eye, giving the room sophistication and individuality. Non-woven wallpaper base provides strength and ease of sticking, and vinyl flooring allows for wet cleaning of the walls. However, the main advantages of products wall & deco is the diversity and exclusivity of the figures, as well as an amazing "presence effect". This is the same case, when it seems that the image on the wall of a body that trees or flowers are about to blow the wind will swing from the animals will enter directly into the room, and drawn by pencil and wants to take in hand. The company's designers do everything to meet the demands of even the most discerning consumers, but by creating their collections, they do not stop there. Especially for architects and interior designers wall & deco provides the ability to print special wallpaper for individual orders. In addition to panels of different sizes and packages for papering the entire room, the company produces bags, fabrics, patterns that repeats the image of wall coverings. Lush greenery Collection Jungle, graceful ornaments Gio 'Pagani, funny fish from Optikal – now leaving the house, you can take your favorite piece of interior.



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