Timothy Gellvey

Samokouching can be effective at the same time in all important areas of life, without losing a sense of fullness of life, promotes personal and spiritual growth, but also the most efficient way interact with each other. Coaching came at the end of the last century as a system of training athletes. Educator Timothy Gellvey noticed that an important role in sports greatest achievements is the mental state athlete. In other words, in the words of the , "a rival in his own head worse that which is on the other side of the net." He argued that "if a coach can help an athlete to get rid of anxiety, that interfere with the game or at least reduce them, the athlete appear unexpected natural ability. " Later, businessmen, seeing the usefulness of this method, as coaching, have begun to actively introduce it as a skill for managers, the aim is for people to learn and samokouchingu. All of us brought up a system in which the directives and instructions deprives us of responsibility and initiative. Abandon expectations clear instructions for many it will be harder than learn samokouchingu. Here is an example of spontaneous samokouchinga.

For example, you work on a project and faced with the problem. As a rule, in which case you go to help the manager or ask advice from colleagues. And they state that you probably did something wrong and offer his version of the correct action. Your self-esteem suffers – you're not right, and you just insert one of the advice of others without attempting to resolve the issue independently.



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