Distinguishing Features Of High-quality Steel Doors .

Any input double doors or steel technical door – is to protect your home and property from intruders. Furthermore, a good door also protects the house from cold, wind and noise. For quality steel Door presented a set of requirements. What you should know buyers to purchase a truly high-quality steel door? Should be evaluated elite steel doors for the following: – the level of burglary – the level of heat and sound insulation – the look of the door; As mentioned above, high-quality door should reliably protect the home, office or business from outside invasion. The level of burglary door depends on its design.

Any steel door consists of a metal skeleton with ribs, the steel plates welded to it from both sides and the door frame. Between canvases laid insulation. Choosing door, look for thick steel door leaf – usually it ranges from 1.5 to 3 mm. Depending on the type of door and from the manufacturer. But do not forget that the thickness of steel sheet – not a guarantee of safety.

Good door must have high quality hardware – handles, locks, hinges, latches and other locking system provides 50% reliability of your door. On a steel door should be installed two locks, with different designs (one – lever, and second – cylinder or Glow) – it will complicate the task of an attacker. The next element – a loop. Their number depends on the weight of the door. Only two loops, if it does not exceed 70 kg. For doors weighing over 70 kg should be used three loops. For a steel door, instead of the standard, it is better to use a loop with the ball, which is located between the pin and the bottom cap. This type of hinge requires less lubrication, does not creak, and much longer serves. Most common type of force the door – cutting loops. Therefore, high-quality steel door shall be equipped protivosemnymi pins that it in the door frame, even if the attacker cut off or knocked down loops. Their mounted on the door from the side opposite the castle. When closing protivosemnye pins enter the socket frame and fix it. Number of pins varies from 2 to 4. The next parameter – the level of warmth and soundproofing. Between the door leaf is laid insulation. Most often used for this purpose mineral wool – it has a high level of fire resistance, as well as good heat and sound insulation qualities. Also important that the perimeter of the door seal was laid, it will protect your home from drafts and odors. And last – appearance of the door. As is known, except for reliability and durability, the door should be presentable appearance. It depends on the finish you choose. Modern manufacturers provide a wide range of decorative materials to suit every taste and every budget. Here are the most popular finishes: , laminates, mdf panels, veneer natural, natural wood pulp, dyeing and its variants (powder coating, graphite coating, the coating , etc.). There is a wide selection of colors and textures of any decorative material. Also, the door can be decorated with decorative elements such as art forging, carving, etc. The choice of door trim is determined by its purpose and the amount available to the buyer. Well-matched finish ensures your door personality and turn it into a work of art.



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