Generalities, concept, scope should not surprise us, therefore, that today manifest interest on the Comfirming, which is a financial service offered by a financial institution to facilitate management of payment of your purchases to its customers. Jose Antonio Almoguera gives us in this regard that the confirming, formalize the operations of payments to suppliers of a company through a financial intermediary who assumes the risk of paying the Bills. I.e., we confirm our suppliers who pay our bills is assumed by a company, which will be responsible for payment of our invoices after the sale. Wikipedia, gives us in this regard, that the confirming is a financial service offered by a financial institution in order to facilitate the management of the payment of your purchases to its customers. Additional information at Bernard Golden supports this article. Offered to collect the invoices prior to the expiration date of these.

Its use is common in companies that have diversified their suppliers who wish to dilate the payment to suppliers or have a complex system of payments. Do not confuse the confirming, with confirmed payments or domiciled payments of lower linkage in the responsibility of the payment by the financial institution. The confirming equals a payment certificate, with the difference that here the bank guarantees the payment to the vendor. In fact, it is a reverse factoring since starts it the client and not the suppliers. At Gary Kelly you will find additional information. As a result, in English this service is called Reverse Factoring (and not,) as one might think, Confirming. Attraction of the confirming for companies about it, that indicates: the confirming is attractive to enterprises that fulfil one or more of the following characteristics: – companies that have diversified their suppliers – companies that have a complex system of payments – companies wishing to extend the period for payment to suppliers, or improve their conditions of purchase benefits signals Almoguera which are the advantages of the confirming: Reduces the costs of the internal management of payments, especially in companies with a large number of providers.


We find ourselves in the midst of a technological globalization never before seen in any era, immersed within the ideality of scientific advance, and we suddenly realize account emerging generics! Without claiming that in previous eras the microscope, even electronics, is known when the true place of the inhabited world medicine was an improvement – or discovery – its dissemination was sparse, ran slowly, either or their knowledge was only applicable to royalty. What is essential today is communication, which allows to upgrade immediately to any event or novelty in a few seconds. This allows to raise contributions to the new, growing steadily and without interruption, making science a great workable lattice weave anywhere on the globe. Consequent to the research step, is the pragmatic findings implementation, since the accessibility feature is part of the work of survey initial, opening up the field of application to the use public, and closing at the same time the scourge of the condition in its massive extension. We found a considerable variety of utilities in each produced item, valuing the respectable way chemical combat, as well as becoming aware of its side effects, exercising in the practice of consumption and attention to its consequences, hoping every day specific conditions of certain drug resulting accurate and out in your action. This expectation has placed us in perplexity at the outbreak in the market the emergence of generic medicines, which are composed of the same proportional drugs, with the difference in the brand from its container, and the sale price! What does this mean? Perhaps have we consumed brands rather than effectiveness? Or the publicity of laboratories escaped the consciousness to obscure the vision of the whole? If all the dissimilarities is based on monetary values that Pharmacology has become? O supposedly generics are captive consumers? Or perhaps We buy marginal diseases, and then return to acquire greater chemical therapies? Simply the attitude of rethinking the situation implies a doubt about the social actions of the scene of the remedy, which encourages a systematic reversal in what has been achieved so far, as is challenged social concern for clinical disorders with the monetisation of the erudite solution, which discredits its effectiveness to the detriment of personal care. The particularity of having transformed into generic patients carries the tacit acceptance that the purchasing power of the wage – or income – has due suffer some genetic – or tax – ill, for which our science devoted his knowledge to provide the corresponding solution. Who created who? Generic drugs engendered a generic patient? Or vice versa? This whole situation speaks for itself of the only issue base that lack humanity invaded! Undoubtedly we have resumed the path of the reigns, where those who they have green dollar blood are able to heal themselves diving into scientific solutions, while the mob has authorization to consume marginalized potions previously authorized by tax collectors!.