Southern Ukraine

He believes that this common cultural space. Coupang can provide more clarity in the matter. On the basis of what criteria residents in this area people can be considered as a single cultural space? Very simple criteria – this is a language and ethnic affinity (Which are simple to measure), and even on the basis of their already possible to speak about the wisdom of considering the territory as a single region. Already at this stage (when the account is taken only two criteria: ethnic and linguistic affinity) raises many questions. For example, in the Russian part of Dagestan, and Tatarstan – the regions, the majority of residents are as ethnically and linguistically distinct from Russian very much at a time when Belarus, Eastern and Southern Ukraine are not included in Russia, where people are living there, and linguistically and ethnically identical, or very close to Russian. "Yes, our people, and divided into three branches only terrible disaster of the Mongol invasion yes Polish colonization. That's it – was invented nevdavne hypocrisy that almost from the ix century, there was a special Ukrainian people with a special non-Russian We all have expired precious Kiev, 'Where was the Russian land is' at Chronicle of Nestor, and flashes from us Christians.

The people of Kievan Rus and Muscovy created. In Lithuania and Poland, Little Russians and Belarusians consider themselves Russian, and fought against and . Return of these land in Russia was all then realized as a reunion. Today separating Ukraine – it means cutting through the millions of families and people: what a change of the population, the whole area with the Russian superiority, how many people that make it difficult choose a nationality of the two, how many – of mixed descent, how many mixed marriages – so they no 'mixed' is still not considered.



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