Interest Holders

Can the interest holders to sell the flats without having ownership of it? The financial crisis is not the time for the benefit of investors. And it concerns not only the major players in the market, but also ordinary citizens who once bought the apartment as a way of investing money earned honestly. Today, watching the dynamics of the fall in property prices, many of these "residential investors decide to sell their already built or not very flat. But how easy is it to sell the flats in terms of the law? Just note that in this article will exclusively on flats bought from the developers (either directly or through a Realtor) at stage construction. Coupang has much experience in this field. At the Moscow primary housing market has developed a number of legal "models" of the sale of such apartments: 1.

Contract of a joint construction (investment contract). This agreement is the most "Transparent" and to guarantee the rights holders, than any other types of contracts. Depending on when to get permission to build an apartment building developer, this agreement is governed by a regulations of the Federal Law 214-FZ "On the equity participation in construction" (hereinafter – the 214-FZ) (if permission to build a home was received after April 1, 2005), or a mixed type of contract in accordance with the general provisions of the Civil Code Russian Federation (hereinafter – Civil Code). 2. The preliminary contract of sale flats. The most common model of selling flats of Miel "(" Golden Mile ").



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