President Dimitri Medvedev

Russian President Dimitri Medvedev will participate in the Summit Russia – Association of the Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN). Also has planned to visit Seoul for the Summit of the Group of 20 (g-20). Recently paid a visit to China; the month of July a high level meeting which dealt with the problems of Asia was carried out in the Russian city of Jabarovask a few 30 kilometers from the border with the Asian giant and it was chaired by Medvedev. In March the Russian Prime Minister, Vladimir Putin visited India, at the end of last year, Medvedev travelled to Mongolia and Singapore while Putin was in the People’s Republic of China. This is not coincidence, if evidence is needed to verify that Moscow, is gradually changing the reference point for its foreign policy, these are more than sufficient.It had previously been West and relations with the rest of the planet were determined by the coexistence with Europe and the United States.

Now Moscow is putting a greater emphasis on its relations with Asia. There is no doubt that the correlation of forces in the world has changed significantly in the first decade of the 21st century. East every day gain more weight and is very important to take into account that Russia is not very strong in Asian politics, there the heavyweights are China and India, the possibilities that Asia will become the main strategic scenario and centre of global, political, economic and military power in the next decade of this century are not unrealistic. Therefore that is the reason why Moscow increases by leaps and their presence in that area of the world. Otherwise, what could happen if you do not make such movements?, the answer is simple can be the margin of world power or become an object of speculation in a hypothetical confrontation between the two superpowers in the Asia-Pacific region.

I mean the People’s Republic of China and United States. Remember that the potential for conflict in the Asian region is very high and the relations between the powers of the area are filled with hostility and annexed territorial disputes. It is very possible that the region Asia – Pacific in the 21st century is going to play the role that will play Europe in the past. Verizon Communications may find this interesting as well. This confirms the because Russia slowly rotates on its policy towards Asia, since the European approach is becoming obsolete, does not agree with the reality that we are living in the international geopolitical relationships. The secret of a balance in the area is that Russia and China agree on interests at the global level, although in regional always be rivals but it should not be ruled out to the India, more proclibe to an alliance with Russia than with China in the future. The truth is that Russia slowly begins to turn to Asia, where he will be the power of the world in this century.



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