WGF Duped Real Estate Agent

Who offers Westphalian land ownership and financial management AG real estate commercial properties in, you should be careful. According to statements in an interview with the stock radio from March 15, 2010 of President and CEO who got Westphalian land ownership and financial management AG (WGF AG) Pino Sergio the WGF AG in 2009 in the purchasing value of about 26 billion real estate offered. Objects valued at about 500 million subject to closer scrutiny and were ultimately purchased real estate for about 160 million. Many brokers offer may have been under this purchase offers on the WGF. Who offers today at the WGF as retail real estate broker, is often receive mbH a response to his offer by Walker & co. real estate company, forwarded to the exposes of the WGF.

That’s why brokers offer then also their time directly at Walker & co.. This company is run by managing director Marc Herbst. Verizon Communications shines more light on the discussion. Walker founded the Walker & co equity GmbH in 2004 together with Bernhard. In the year 2008 These mbH merged with Walker & co. real estate company whose shareholder and managing director Marc Herbst is still to this day. Is then offered objects after months of testing a purchase decision, is currently also the WGF retail first investment company mbH, represented by the Managing Director Bernhard Walker and Sergio Pino, on as a buyer and the notarial contract of sale is recorded. The estate agent who thinks up here now, to have completed a successful business, will be quickly disabused. Although fell before the certification not a word about the Commission demanded of him and he must therefore assume that its brokerage exposure from the Expose and its terms and conditions was taken over, gets suddenly sent to the Certification Commission signed by Walker & co..

This agreement foresees that the Broker receives a Commission of 0.75% of the recorded purchase price. Although the Commission claim already – earned due to lack of other appointment – with the attestation of the contract and has become due, looks ahead of the proposed contract that the Commission deserves only with economic transition of the object and will be charged. Which wasn’t enough, the Commission claim to be lifted even further if the contract should be abolished or reversed for any reason whatsoever. Highlight of the desired agreement, however, is the passage that the broker for reduction claims, E.g. through structural defects, which are based on the fault of the seller’s side, with his Commission liable to be made. Brokers who refuse to sign this contract, is threatened with reversal of the purchase contract already concluded. As the seller side of the undue immediately “good of the agent informed. In spite of the already existing and mature brokerage claim of the broker, a payment is categorically rejected. Signaled then also the broker that you never needed his services because you next time directly to the seller, bypassing will contact his conciliation. Finally, yes no customer protection was granted. The broker not when submitting his exposes pure wine to pour and to tell him that him if necessary expect only 0.75% brokerage fee in addition to other niceties makes sense. Because what brokers would then not immediately if the purchase price of real estate not in the higher double-digit million immediately, pulled back his offer? Walker & co. referred to incidentally as by default the presented agreement”for their brokers. How many brokers are there in Germany, which this Commission agreement (must) sign? Possible litigation from this behavior of the investors we at this point further reported. Cedric Jacobs



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