No pesky questions, no Misunderstandings. Fast, clear communication, minimized costs. You are interested in? Then, you ask the pros for databases. You will find further information under. Cost? Sure, the optimization of processes and the creation of a data bank costs a little money.

But considering the above mentioned saves time and effort, so amortize these costs within a very short time. Professional database servers, such as the Microsoft SQL Server or Oracle are recommended. To use this, a so-called frontend however is necessary, i.e. a user interface, so comfortable working with the database. Our specialists take over the programming for you. You are not only optimal advice and professionally serviced, but you will benefit from our many years of experience in this field and our knowledge.

Contact us today: CompuMaster: CompuMaster develops concepts and Web applications for medium and large companies and organizations. Digital solutions are developed from the House of CompuMaster holistically from conception to realization and introduction or marketing. Also the ongoing support is of course for the company. Where the management of content and data of any kind in the foreground is CompuMaster. We want to enable our customers to minimise friction losses in their work, as well as to attract their target groups precisely. In close cooperation with our customers we develop solutions that have the following features: forward-looking and fast – long-term solutions prevent common further development costs efficiently and flexibly – CompMaster solutions are designed, that you can use it in multiple divisions. adaptable to existing work processes – our innovative technology not vice versa adapts to the corporate structure of the customers! intuitive to use – no training because our solutions in the highly user-friendly programmed are. Central to manage – our solutions can be accessed from any workstation: without installing spzielle software. for manage – decentralized the administration of our solutions can be controlled from the outside. cost-conscious – because we want our customers to be competitive. As Microsoft Gold Certified partner for their solutions, CompuMaster relies on high technologies and customers added value. Quality means therefore for CompuMaster: means ease of use of our products: no expensive training. You can work immediately. flexible adaptation to customer needs means: no costly customizations for other requests. careful project planning means: us not only is striking at the end, what would need to be implemented at the beginning of the project. CompuMaster develops not only concepts and applications that delight, but is also a reliable partner for its customers.

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