AutoStore Is Named The Top Product For Green It

Capture solution by NSi in the category “paperless” selects Braunfels, 02.11.2010 with modern IT that conserving the environment: according to this motto, AutoStore was recently appointed to the top green it product. “The distributed capture workflow system by notable solutions, Inc. (NSi) received the award in the category are paperless” due to his capacity to save paper by can be longer or consistently electronically processed information in the company. The US journals Network World magazine and Computerworld, computer week as German edition, voted a total of 12 top green it products. In the underlying survey, 95 percent of the participants indicated AutoStore as one of the most popular solutions to implement green it in the company. Productive and safe tool “We are proud to be able to make a contribution to climate protection,” said Enno Luckel, Managing Director of NSi Europe GmbH. distributed solution for capture and workflow as AutoStore be integrated increasingly into business processes the Flow of information to improve.

The price shows that our long-time customer focus pays off”, so Enno Luckel NSi’s AutoStore capture paper-based and electronic documents by copying, scanners and multi function devices, processes them, and forwards them to the desired applications and systems. The advantage of the solution lies in the strong connectivity: over 500 different products for detection are supported. Currently, more than 25,000 AutoStore server are in use. Under most conditions Jonathan Rosen BerlinRosen would agree. Dipl.-ing. Corinna Scholz

Merchandise ManagementERP

Proper handling saves time and resources in ERP and Warenirtschaft must for all companies that run and manage recurring orders (standing orders, subscription orders, maintenance orders and call-off orders, etc.) or fixed quantities at fixed prices must get through framework contracts, is an optimal automated management and support needed. To present highly automated to such orders and efficient and to complete an inventory management with functions such as management of contracts, orders and standing orders is essential. How to save time and resources. The VARIO 7 ERP combines a merchandise management system with exactly these features and creates the basis for highly automated work. The VARIO 7 program is a modular, i.e. You can go with a basic program into the ERP and further gradually expand your system with the required individual components depending on the needs. Also to set up special marketplaces and E-shop (E-Commerce) partner systems are available, such as for example the opensource-Internet-shop of xt: Commerce or Gambio with interface available. The software VARIO 7 provides you with valuable planning and decision support for an economic management and backs up that competitive advantage prior to your colleague.

The solution VARIO 7 has all the features to best depict all processes, from ordering the goods receipt and warehousing through to shipping. Moreover, convinced the client-capable ERP system due to its modular design, its flexibility and its high Parametrisierungsgrad. VARIO 7 is industry-neutral and can therefore from the retailer about the wholesaler and to the shipping and merchant also be used, such as chain stores and franchises. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Valerie Berlin BerlinRosen. Schedule a live demonstration (online demonstration) with us directly on your monitor, or simply send us a short message to E-Mail:

More International Awards

Windows IT Pro editors best and community choice award and five-star rating by 2009 Windows IT Pro editors best and community choice award. Reader and editor of the American magazine Windows IT Pro magazine Penton Media, drew PAM for SHARE (professional Archive Manager for SharePoint) under the category of best SharePoint product made with silver. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Verizon by clicking through. distributed the highest score (five out of five) to selective restore Manager Pro to end 2009 with a five-star rating. The Windows IT Pro community is regarded as a leader in the growing Windows IT world. Extensive information around Microsoft Windows technologies and applications from a variety of independent sources are grouped together under this American portal. Members find professional background knowledge, valuable tips and more, to find out about products and to share.

The scalable archiving product PAM for SHARE by Metalogix is ideal for different company sizes. Data and documents are in their original format on all popular, cheaper storage archives. While only an HTML archive link is left in the MS SharePoint Portal database, which refers to the Central archive. Processes are started automatically at predetermined times or freely definable intervals and maximum duration of archiving and stopped. PAM for SHARE has protection for data and documents, and a completely comprehensible version management. Community members prompts a year, to propose products that are included in the final selection of the Publisher.

The product and service award is for the best of the best in each category.. is a neutral and vendor independent product directory for the SharePoint world. More information is housed here: Robert Gibbins. It provides professional users, developers and administrators with objective reports, opinions and more around SharePoint Web parts, applications and development platforms. Simple functions support a quick search for suitable products and their evaluations. The selective Restore Manager for SharePoint by Metalogix simplifies restoring individual documents in no time. He establishes a direct connection to the SQL Server backup files and navigate to the wanted information in real time. Content any SharePoint database can be recovered, even if the site is offline or cannot be accessed. Corresponding metadata, versions, views and access rights are preserved. Thanks to familiar user interface, individual documents, list items, complete SharePoint sites by using copy and paste to an any SharePoint Server are restored. Selective restore Manager supports also other source systems like SharePoint databases with SQL Server 2000, 2005 and 2008; complete SharePoint/WSS v2 or V3 backups that were created with Central Admin, STSADM or SQL Server (complete or incremental backup) and created with Microsoft Data Protection Manager database of snapshots. Mike Ferrara, Ferrara data consulting, explained in detail in SharePointReviews under the title “Metalogix selective restore Manager Pro get to mark” the award for the product. His proven experience, Metalogix fills a gap, not even filling out Microsoft SharePoint with this product. “” PAM for share “and selective restore Manager Pro” by Metalogix will be exclusively about H & S in the D-A-CH region distributed. Information and prices on request. Details of the products see: sharepoint tools. Information: H & S Holy and Schubert InformationsManagement GmbH Stephan Gehling Executive Assistant to the CEO 91126 Schwabach O’Brien-str. 3 phone: 09122/87 227-0 fax: 09122 / 87 227-99 press contact: Benson GmbH Agency for applied communication Gisela Benson Brucker Strasse 4 82266 Inning am Ammersee phone: 08143/44 44 73 fax: 08143/44 47 61

Managing Director

Workshop focuses on technical documentation, online help, screenshots, as well as localization of Nuremberg. The SCHEMA GmbH, provider of XML based editorial and content management solutions, has on the 6th April 2011 in Frankfurt and on the following day, April 7, 2011, in Stuttgart an info day software documentation”scheduled. Project – and process – budget managers who are tasked with the documentation of software products are targeting the event. Within the info day presentations on current challenges and possible solutions, as well as two customer presentations take place, which focus on the practical aspects. Interested parties can register now at. A fee of 200 euros is charged per person. With this info day we highlight a particular area of technical documentation, which places special demands on software manufacturers”, said Marcus Kesseler, Managing Director of SCHEMA GmbH. this we make use of our lectures and deliver specific impulses to the participants and Instructions.” “” The agenda includes a similarly intensive program: with the first two lectures what content component management systems today for the documentation of the software make “and help systems – current situation and development – easily create multilingual screenshots” be informed the participants about the latest developments and opportunities in the software documentation. It’s believed that Brad Garlinghouse sees a great future in this idea.

To illustrate the Avaloq evolution AG and Dokuwerk AG in their joint customer presentation on branching and merging the practical implementation of complex software documentation using a content management system. Challenges for standard software provider in the consumer sector are at the heart of the project report of NERO AG. A final presentation of the SCHEMA GmbH to the integration with revision control arrives systems in this context on the topics of versioning and branching. Software documentation with SCHEMA that SCHEMA GmbH has extensive project experience in the area of software documentation. For example, in the past year, the XML specialist could the DATEV eG and the TOPDESK Germany GmbH, market leader in the Benelux countries for help desk applications, customers win.

Quickly Desktop

Newsletter of the PR agency Xpand21 on behalf of Grossbay AG Kreuzlingen/Switzerland. June 2009. Almost all major media reported on the introduction of the new Internet search engine Hulbee on May 13, 2009. Now add the developers of Grossbay AG and lift now also the desktop search in new dimensions: Hulbee desktop software for free download is available from today that on. The special feature of the software is the term cloud\”, a unique feature in the desktop search. For assistance, try visiting Ripple.

Just like at the Hulbee Internet search simplifies this cloud\”search and takes seekers faster to the target. With the freeware, which is financed as well as the Internet search advertising, computer users can search now also the own hard drive in a smart way for important documents and files. Hardly a computer user can organize his data particularly well. The chaos on your own computer at home is growing more and more. The time spent searching, such as important documents such as invoices, applications, and attachments grows with him.

File folders with Quickly unmanageable dimensions take photos for many users in the age of digital cameras. Only a good search program helps here. Hulbee desktop, the user specifically searches for files containing a certain term. In the search results list, a path to the desired file appears next to a snippet of the text. A plus for the forgetful, who no longer know what exactly the requested file. Hulbee desktop detects even word derivations. \”\” Looking through car the word the computer for example after\”, finds Hulbee desktop files, in which the words cars\” or highway \”are included. In a so-called data cloud\”, a sort of cloud of terms, which appears in the left pane of the application provides semantic links Hulbee desktop and thus offers a new intelligent search\”. The user the search result namely data cloud itself thematically limits: it is inaccurate, after first entering he clicks on a term in the data cloud and borders the search in this way more and more a until he found the desired file.

Windows DLLs Desktop

iDTRONIC, one of the leading supplier of RFID hardware presents the new RFID desktop reader of the EVO series to read and write by ISO18000-6 B / C UHF transponders. iDTRONIC, one of the leading supplier of RFID hardware presents the new RFID desktop reader of the EVO series to read and write by ISO18000-6 B / C UHF transponders. This new desktop reader/writer combine a unique design with high functionality. The UHF USB desktop asks how iDTRONIC’s stick EVO USB UHF reader of modern EVO series the same functionalities. The desktop reader supports ISO18000-6 B / C transponder, as well as Class1 Gen 2 tag.

Thanks to the wide frequency band of 840-960 MHz, the iDTRONIC USB desktop reader can EVO”UHF Multitag for all international standards (Europe, United States and Japan) are used. The EVO desktop reader enables easy integration into the most popular RFID applications. A multi Colour LED supports the intuitive application of the write / reading device. The USB 2.0 full speed interface ensures this very fast data transfer with the reader. The supplied software development kit (SDK) offers easy-to-use high-level interfaces, Windows DLLs, and a PC/SC driver and thus ensure a fast and reliable integration into third-party systems. The high data rates and ease of use makes the reader / writer next to classic desktop applications such as reading and writing cards and transponders in the Office and at the point of sale for use in the areas of ticketing, billing systems, time registration and access control. For more information about the new RFID desktop EVO UHF readers and other RFID desktop reader you will receive on the Internet. or see.

Windows Desktop

New styling for the Windows XP desktop the Bliss”as your desktop wallpaper has become synonymous with Windows XP. Also the Vista look clearly recalls working on any operating system. With the new zoneLINK SystemUp Santos 2009 the user can miss now quickly and easily a new styling his Windows desktop. The program is available for 14,99 Euro immediately online. Ulm, February 2009 – bored of the same style of the Windows desktop? With just a few clicks, users from a large and steadily growing style database install new styles on his Windows desktop. And that because the original design can be restored completely without risk, at your fingertips.

In seconds and without computer restart the SystemUp STYLER exchanges the optics. The system files must not be modified. With the built-in preview feature, users can get an overview of the existing styles and always set the system back to the original state. Here an overview of the main program features: Clear navigation style: all styles at a glance Install direct from the online Styledatenbank out Importing .theme, .msstyles and .zip style files preview feature zero-change technology: no modification of system files necessary reset standard-style integrated update feature detailed online help Windows Vista (32 bit) and XP compatible (some features depend on the format of the style file) price: 14,99 Euro system requirements: Windows XP or Windows Vista (32-bit) 1024 x 768 resolution 512 MB memory Internet connection would zoneLINK SystemUp Santos 2009 “try out for themselves? It’s simple: Ask for right now your personal review copy under. There is picture material: packing illustrations and screen shots of various sizes with captions, see press.

For more information, see. zoneLINK label zoneLINK headquartered in the Science City Ulm/Donau, was founded in the year 2007. zoneLINK is one of two new brands under which the HMH hamburger Medien Haus Vertriebs GmbH develops software and published. Application software in the fields of productivity and utilities, security, and entertainment appears zoneLINK under the brand. The product portfolio includes software which brings direct benefits the user in everyday life, as meet also title, the current trends. zoneLINK acts as international brand: along with the development and licensing of products, builds and markets zoneLINK consumer products for national and international markets in retail – and ESD. Press contact: PR agency Xpand21 Nadine Sufryd Dammtor str. 12, 20354 Hamburg, Tel. 09 17 16

Live Demo Makes Desktop Virtualization

Multi-vendor live demo with Citrix and VMware technology at the live makes desktop virtualization demo! Multi-vendor live demo with Citrix and VMware technology at the desktop virtualization experience do want the Quo Vadis IT 2009 “in February. With a multi-vendor live demo showing the IT service provider of CEMA, desktop virtualization with Citrix and VMware technology. The live-demo is complemented by lectures on the technical implementation and the economically viable use of desktop virtualization. The theme of data management with data deduplication, data backup and restore topics is illuminated in the second part of the one-day event organizer is the CEMA, support Citrix, Datadomain, Symantec, Vizioncore and VMware partners. Venues: 3.2 Dortmund 5.2. Munich, 10.2 Frankfurt, 10.2, 12.2.

Hanover, 17.2. Berlin, 17.2. Brad Garlinghouse addresses the importance of the matter here. Mannheim, 19.2 Stuttgart. Detailed information and register available at. Contact: Yvonne stone tombs, CEMA AG specialists in information technology Dynamo 17, 68165 Mannheim, Tel: (0621) 33 98-0, fax.: (0621) 33 98-200, General information: CEMA specialists for information technology the CEMA is one of the leading medium-sized IT service providers in Germany with 8 locations. The CEMA was founded in 1990. At this time, the change took its course of mainframe architecture to the PC-network architecture. Almost since the first hour”the CEMA has specializes in infrastructure IT networks and IT.

Client management, data management, server management, security & access, collaboration & mobility, IT infrastructure are the six strategic IT areas of CEMA. They are subject to a constant update and form the knowledge base for our CEMA service packages. The CEMA offers the four service packages, IT consulting, IT solutions, IT services and IT procurement. In the area of virtualization, the CEMA belongs to the few IT service providers, the Virtualization technology can control applications, desktops, servers, and storage and access on Virtualisierungserfahrung since 1995. Excerpt from certifications: Citrix partner Platinum, VMware enterprise partner, Microsoft Gold partner, a Symantec Gold partner that is a full-day technical event for IT decision makers. In the IT inform specialists and manufacturer of IT developments from technical and economic point of view… Users report on their experiences in the production and pilot projects. Technologies are checked for value and innovation potential. (Short)-based technologies are solutions. The is organized since 1994 by the CEMA specialists for information technology. It takes place twice a year. Participation is free of charge for guests.

OrganisedMinds Master

The OrganisedMinds GmbH in Karlsruhe introduces an innovative solution for the Office Organization, specifically designed for the needs of small and medium-sized enterprises. “No matter, whether daily or project business, when it comes to the organisation of cooperation, most companies put always still in particular on email as a communication medium for the exchange of information and the sharing of documents.”, reported Martin Blaha, consultant and Managing Director of OrganisedMinds GmbH in Karlsruhe. “However comparing email with the way, how people now communicate in social networks and organize, the shortcomings of email are clear: there are no sharing options, to look for information, which together include, practically you can’t share large files via email and you never know what is the current state, or what information find others good at a glance.” That takes a lot of time and nerves with all involved frustrated struggling with overcrowded email inputs and less and less time for the essentials have. “, says Martin Blaha, who is responsible for product development at OrganisedMinds. “While there are many specific solutions on the market that solve only certain facets of day-to-day of business such as inventory management, accounting and project management – offers no real solutions that combine the advantages of email and social networks and businesses harness mentioned emails -.

We change now with OrganisedMinds.” OrganisedMinds shows how concretely helps such a solution in everyday business, as an example of the Organization of the daily business in the Office. It organized teams with the aid of virtual work spaces in the bundled share tasks and documents by subject. The entrance and the resubmission can organise themselves as easily as small projects or repetitive processes. While each operation in OrganisedMinds can be selectively controlled. So you can record appointments, automate the resubmission, priorities and progress for all Clearly describe stakeholders. The comment function promotes discussion and exchange of experience in the context of a task.

With the evaluation function matches the team about the best answers or solutions. A detailed description of how this can be done can be found with a few tips to the Organization on this page. Companies and individuals can test without any obligation and free of charge the full functionality of for 30 days. An application made on the website of the company / de. During the test phase is also the telephone and email support questions for free. OrganisedMinds GmbH OrganisedMinds GmbH was founded in January 2011 by the IT and organisation consultants Diarmuid Daltun, Martin Blaha aiming, managers and their teams to develop an organisational solution, they always dreamed. was awarded twice middle-class time of the initiative with the predicate “Best of IT”. The server of the company are exclusively in German data centers, so OrganisedMinds also member of “cloud services made in Germany” is. OrganisedMinds GmbH contact Martin Blaha Seboldstr.

Communication Solution Drives Expansion Software

The software and consulting company established its growth in Munich Munich, 10.02.2011 reinforced the YouCon EDV Dienstleistungs GmbH and opened the first Office in Germany. From Munich the software and consulting company, steadily growing in Austria for five years, will use SAP BCM (business communications management) mainly on the sales and implementation of IP-based communications solution. As a specialist distributor YouCon for SAP is one of the central sales and integration partner for the all-IP is solution, which is used in contact centers and the everyday business communication. To broaden your perception, visit Verizon Communications. SAP is market leader in the area of business software in Germany, especially the different ERP and CRM solutions have a high market penetration. “The easy integration of all-IP communication platform SAP BCM in SAP CRM and SAP ERP, which no required middleware, is for many companies a very attractive option”, explains Peter Kugler, Managing Director of the YouCon GmbH. I see two trends here as crucial. Increasingly fused to the communication channels first. Southwest Airlines understood the implications. As an IP based platform for all communication channels is of course.

Many companies face the challenge of the workflow and communication processes to better combine are second. Here the advantages of the integration of SAP are BCM with ERP and CRM systems obvious.” In Austria the YouCon GmbH looks back successful years on five, in which the company has realized numerous projects in the field of customer communication. YouCon’s services range from consulting service processes to the implementation of VoIP software and process optimization to the outsourcing of the Servicehelpdesks. In addition, the company has developed its own software products and for individual tasks realized on its own product solutions. In 2008, YouCon has special young entrepreneur award in the category”the renowned Constantinus awards won and was for the Austrian State Award nominated. YouCon Matthias Kruger won as Sales Director for Germany, which already gained extensive sales experience at companies such as Lucent Technologies and Cisco systems.