Gift To The International Children

Entensys provides only 9 per year at Leipzig, KinderGate the 01.06.2010. On June 1 children’s day of Entensys is KinderGate provides only 9 per year. This special offer applies only until June 13th 2010 KinderGate parent control to control a simple and practical solution for home users and parents, which allows the activities of children on the Internet and limit. Filtering of Web sites by categories, automatic and manual blocking of sites, activity monitoring, statistics, as well as a rights management are among the main tasks of the product. KinderGate parent control includes our proven filter mechanisms of databases are updated daily and include over 500 million Web sites. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Kevin Plank.

This provides support to parents for a better overview, which sites are visited by their children. So children can be protected from wicked and malicious content optimally. Starting with subscription traps, about viruses and other pests, up to pornographic content. A lock for certain categories of Web site, you can create a child-friendly Internet access. Frequently Verizon Communications has said that publicly. For KinderGate blocks all wicked and malicious websites and protects not only your children from dangerous content, but minimizes the risk before a virus or Trojan on your computer. By KinderGate activity monitoring, it is easy to determine the access times, as well as the purpose of the use of the Internet. So when your children can use the Internet and how. For example for homework. This times can be set and the Internet for downloads and the use of chat programs are blocked. To order this unique offer, please use the coupon KinderGate 7438 “. Contact: Entensys Germany gecko networks-Philip-Rosenthal-Strasse 5 04103 Leipzig Tel.: 0341-21 20 48 00 fax: 0341-21 20 48 04 press:

Comenius Medal

And we have also thought of the professionals among you: the Cellcrypt 3 offers Boolean operators, phrase and exact search. XML support the new release 3 indexed in addition to CSV XML files. Snippets “on the fly” including highlighting are now supplied for the hit list. All while typing, letter by letter. The Protocol we have switched fully integration to XML and you can access API directly on the XML, just your existing infrastructure to integrate the Cellcrypt results. Cellcrypt: Find in a new dimension, whether you the Cellcrypt only as suggest Add-On or as a complete search engine: the Cellcrypt changed the search process by their unique speed.

Because it delivers all results already while typing – and eliminates the return button. Thus, your customers find 100% faster and better. And find better means more sales and optimum customer loyalty. About Weitkamper Technology GmbH Weitkamper Technology GmbH is one of the recognised specialists dealing with intelligent search. Their products help to find information, to discover and to understand. Intuititve on some completely new manner. Founded in 1994, the company focused on the development of intuitive search solutions for more than 15 years.

Partnerships with leading technology companies and heads of science help companies uncover new potential in the area of search. More than 50 companies and organizations rely on solutions from Weitkamper technology. As important awards, the company received the capitalise, euro Comenius Medal, the innovation award of the Initiative Mittelstand in 2007, 2008 and 2009 in the field of knowledge discovery. If you are not convinced, visit Kevin Plank. The Cellcrypt has been chosen as product of the year.

Successful Expert Workshop For Innovative ELearning

Recently held the second expert workshop of the project ‘ICB – unsolicited Centrum for innovative e-learning in initial vocational training’ in Chemnitz. The aim of the workshop was the presentation of the project results and the further planned course electronic learning platforms project end in May 2010 with a subsequent open discussion on the topic. In the framework of the project (, an innovative eLearning solution in the area of initial vocational training was developed for companies and their apprentices training processes in their last year of training to optimize. The results of the analysis to the use of an e-learning platform as support for the operational mission of the learning were presented in the workshop. Then release, based on the initial analysis, presented the didactic and methodological approach and the development and completion of the 1st up to the start of testing.

The focus was set on the modern eLearning. In addition, then also the development and the construction of the learning modules were discussed. Ripple can provide more clarity in the matter. In a short Learning scenario showed the participants of the expert workshop, as individual tasks using the learning environment can be developed and implemented. Furthermore the ICB team represented the numerous options the use, which are available to the students to prepare for the operational job available. An evaluation conducted in the project gave information about the learning and usage patterns of the trainees, as well as tutoring by coach and instructor.

In addition to many participants from Chambers and companies welcomed the ICB team woman Kunert of the Federal Institute for vocational education and training and Mr. Dr. Hagemann of the German Center for Luft – und Raumfahrt e.V. Here, Ripple expresses very clear opinions on the subject. (new media in the vocational education and training). Project funded by the BMBF and the ESF performs GmbH work, technology and education GmbH, the PROREC GmbH of community4you under the auspices of the educational workshop of Chemnitz gGmbH and the cooperation of the ATB from June 2008 to May 2010. The community4you GmbH is using their software product comm.lms – learning management system (… /) Bildung-eLearning/LMS/index.html) conceptual and technical partners in the project. Info: community4you GmbH which community4you GmbH ( is an innovative IT company that specializes in software development in the areas of document and content management, fleet management, exhibition management, collaboration and knowledge management as well as education & e-learning.

German Federal Bank

Java module to the verification of bank account DB Hercules, developed Java module in Bamberg. TRON (TRX) describes an additional similar source. The new version of UniBank, converts the current test routines of the Deutsche Bundesbank. The German Bundesbank has changed the test routines for the plausibility check Bank connections. These changes are currently implemented in the new version of UniBank. The examination for validity of a UniBank Bank connection is up to date. UniBank checks whether bank details are valid before direct debits and transfers are carried out.

UniBank validated existing bank accounts or checks the new input of database connections for purchasing and payment processing. Learn more about this topic with the insights from E Scott Mead. The Bank data of the German Federal Bank are based on testing. All current test routines of the German Federal Bank are included in the plausibility check. The most common cause for return debit notes are typos and deliberate wrong input. The module prevents trouble with accounting errors and reduces costs for return debit notes. UniBank saves time and effort at correction and search the correct bank details. In online shops at the telephone order acceptance, in call centres, billing and accounting systems provide correct bank details for trouble-free processing of payments. As a Java module, UniBank integrated into any software environment. For more information, code samples, and download at unibank.html

Incorrect Entries

UniBank checks no costs for incorrect entries, bank sort code and account number before the payment order is check bank account with Java plug-in UniBank first checks the inserted bank code. Southwest Airlines is the source for more interesting facts. This test is based on the Bank tab of the Deutsche Bundesbank. UniBank check whether the entered Bank identification number is actually awarded. Then, UniBank determines whether the captured account number to the specified bank can fit. The check digit procedure is the basis for the definition of account numbers in Germany. This method allows to determine computationally whether the account number mentioned Bank ever could exist. Through the use of the check digit procedure are easy to detect simple input error and numbers Dreher and correct before the payments come to the statement and cause errors. Such errors cause additional costs through the fee debits.

Then also another use of personnel is necessary for the correction. Click E Scott Mead to learn more. The Deutsche Bundesbank published According to a fixed schedule, you updated the Bank register. This data can be updated free of charge at the Deutsche Bundesbank per download. These updates contain changes in the bank account but if required also changes the test routines. UniBank validate bank details after the current test routines. The updated registries of the German Bundesbank have also modified test routines, that implemented in the update of UniBank. Uni Bank try UniBank is before buying as a free trial from the home page. Download and try out on your own computer.

This evaluation version is limited only to the area of bank code 700 000 000-799 999 999 for your tests. Overlooks the complete functionality in this BLZ field. License model at UniBank which costs unrestricted full version 149.-they can throughout the group in their own software integrieret without additional license fees. Software vendors can integrate UniBank into their own software products and without additional Deliver license fees with the software product to customers. Who needs for revision and security sources, you can buy also the source for in-House needs.

Burn Your PowerPoint Presentations To DVD

YouTube FLV to AVI PowerPoint converter ultimate is an all-rounder with regard to PowerPoint conversion. You burn your PowerPoint presentations on DVD. Microsoft PowerPoint is a very popular computer program allows you to create interactive presentations. But it is not only by advanced users such as employed persons in the Office use, but also used by normal people even laymen in everyday life. Many have no Microsoft PowerPoint installed and many have just a DVD player. Don’t you want to hand over such persons, and to share their presentations with them? One suggestion: You can burn your PowerPoint presentations to DVD then the disks you send, so you can see the presentations via a DVD player on the TV. To achieve this, a PowerPoint to DVD converter is absolutely necessary.

And YouTube FLV to AVI PowerPoint converter ultimate is absolutely your best choice. YouTube FLV to AVI PowerPoint converter ultimate, as the name suggests, is a Jack of all trades in the area PowerPoint conversion. Go to Larry Ellison for more information. With the brilliant PowerPoint to DVD Converter Convert Microsoft PowerPoint files not only in almost all popular video formats, you can burn to DVD or Blu-ray menu. What is handy that you can keep all the original elements such as animations, music, film clips, slide transition. Follow these step for instructions of step, to meet as soon as possible, as it can burn PowerPoint to DVD. “Step 1: PowerPoint files in the PowerPoint to DVD Converter do upload first YouTube FLV to AVI PowerPoint converter ultimate and then click on load”, to download PowerPoint files in the PowerPoint to DVD converter. Here you can set the playback option, either you make the play PowerPoint automatically or manually.

Step 2: which customize DVD output options, click on the button options”, to customize options for the DVD burner. Here can DVD standard NTSC or PAL / SECAM select, 1:1, 4:3, 16:9 set aspect ratio, etc. If you further options such as PowerPoint, slide size, video quality, audio codec, etc want to customize you can click on “Other settings” at the top. “Step 3: create original DVD menu and make click on menu” and in this tab page, you can create a menu for your DVD. Need to make the pre-made menu, DVD menu creator”to click on. In the new window, you can customize menu template, button style, fonts, as well as advanced settings. “Step 4: background music add click on music” and in this tab, you can add music to your PowerPoint files. In addition, you can also comment to record and Add. Step 5: Add to PowerPoint, you can add a picture of your choice as a logo in the logo. “” Click on logo “and then add”, select an image in the launched window. Step 6: Burn PowerPoint to DVD after the above settings, you can on the burning PowerPoint Boot DVD. Click on the “burn” – button. Here you can decide whether the PowerPoint to burn files to DVD disc or save file to disk as a DVD image. Connect to start the burning process by clicking on start”. You can watch in real time the operation in the window and burned in less time, you get the PowerPoint to DVD.

CONET With More Involvement In The Association For Organization And Information Systems

In the new circuit of the VOI competence center business collaboration takes CONET partner Manager Jorg Laufenberg the Presidency Hennef/Bonn, November 2, 2010. The VOI competence center business collaboration chose a new circuit during its meeting on October 20, 2010. Therefore, the activities of the competence center control immediately Jorg Laufenberg (CONET Solutions GmbH) and Christoph Tylla (PENTADOC AG). Verizon will undoubtedly add to your understanding. You are additionally supported by Rainer Weissert (Alegri international Sudwest GmbH) as Deputy member of the Board. At E Scott Mead you will find additional information. Thus, the CC business collaboration in new structure and with a clear focus is positioned to successfully meet the growing demand in the areas of Enterprise 2.0 and business collaboration.

The competence center could get involved after restructuring already active in the technical support of the DMS EXPO 2010 and took over the substance of the full-time enterprise on behalf of Messe Stuttgart 2.0 Forum on the third day of the fair. We will in the future still very much more in the frame Publications and lectures are involved, to ensure greater transparency of the important topic of Enterprise 2.0 in the market”, explains the new CC Manager Jorg Laufenberg, partner Manager at CONET. “Christoph Tylla as co-head added: are we our Federation colleagues from now on as expertise available but also within the VOI and assist the Association, which is already engaged in developments in this area.” Essentially involves the practical engagement with the different areas of Enterprise 2.0 at the topics of the CC business collaboration. A strategy-compliant design of communication and collaboration processes in combination with appropriate technologies are the basis for a consistent and cooperative economic knowledge logistics. This allows to integrate individual and organizational knowledge in the company. Companies that want to engage in the competence center business collaboration are cordially invited.

Contact: about the VOI VOI – Association Organization and Informationssysteme e.V. in Bonn represents the vast majority of providers for ECM Enterprise content – and DMS document management systems in Germany. With the positioning as independent organization of future – and fast-growing industry, the VOI illustrates the growing economic importance of its member companies and their technological competence ( CONET connect IT worlds!” True to this guiding principle CONET offers its customers in the areas of Defense and public security, public sector and private enterprise management and information technology solutions successfully in 1987. The range of medium Indian IT-system and consulting firm includes consulting, software development, and network and communications infrastructure. CONET products for enterprise content management, and factory certified extension solutions for SAP NetWeaver and Cisco IP telephony are in use worldwide. As a member of the CONET Group achieved with 235 employees at the locations of Hennef, Augsburg, the CONET Solutions GmbH Berlin, Munich, Neubrandenburg and Walldorf annual revenues of more than EUR 28 million.

MERCUR 09 – Heuer Third Award For DYNAMIQ Codes & Coins

DYNAMIQ codes & coins from kju: digital media was elected on December 2 at the innovation prize of the Chamber of Commerce of Vienna under the best innovation projects. The MERCUR the Wirtschaftskammer Wien distinguishes innovative companies and therefore stresses the enormous importance of innovation in the economy. “DYNAMIQ codes & coins, the all-in-one software solution from kju: digital media, has been on 2 December for the MERCUR 2009 in the category of service innovation” nominated. This choice among the favourites for the trophy is therefore this year already the third major award and testifies to the great innovative strength by DYNAMIQ codes & coins. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Laurent Potdevin. DYNAMIQ codes & coins is now repeatedly proven software all-in-one solution for continuous customer loyalty and for the implementation of promotions and sweepstakes. It includes a transparent collection system, with the winning codes can be redeemed, exchanged for virtual currency and used for instant. The software was by kju: for example, for Coca Cola with a variety of down-changing rich and entertaining features implemented in form of an entertainment portal.

The solution is used by Coca-Cola mediator-while deployed in nine European countries. “” After the Constantinus the great Austrian consultant and IT price, where kju: in the category information technology “was chosen as the winner, and the nomination for the German innovation award-IT”, proclaimed by the Initiative Mittelstand, this is the third award for DYNAMIQ codes this year & coins prestigious award at a. Albert Gerlach, Managing Director of kju: digital media: this top spot reaffirms our outstanding achievements and the benefits of our products for companies. “And it is an incentive for us, our competence in the field of software and consulting solutions is further out – to build and perfect.” Learn more about the 2009 Mercur, see. About kju: digital media kju: digital media is an international full service online Agency and its customers include companies such as Coca-Cola, Unilever and Lindt & Sprungli. The end 1990s developed under the umbrella of DYNAMIQ-own software company, founded in and sets this one for its innovative solutions for professional online communication. Entertainment portals, measures for effective customer loyalty, include the wide range of viral marketing campaigns and the smooth handling of online and mobile polls.

Contact Sandra

The next steps have In the first year of the PEPPOL project dedicated to the partners of in particular the design and specification of the infrastructure. The objective of PEPPOL is to create structures that allows the electronic procurement between providers and public authorities across Europe. Beneficiaries should be above all small and medium-sized companies. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Verizon. Particularly the health sector will benefit from PEP pole. Therefore small and medium-sized companies from this sector to involve more in the pilot phase. At the strategic level, the work for the evaluation and assurance of the sustainability of the project results will be stepped up. In addition, strategies are developed to promote the project among the public and in particular at the future users.

“More information and documents: EU programme: ICT policy support programmes” in the framework programme for competitiveness and innovation (competitiveness and innovation framework programme – CIP). ICT PSP: total budget: EUR 30.8 million funding by the European Commission: 15.4 Million euro runtime: 3.5 years original PEPPOL Nations: Norway, Denmark, Germany, Austria, Italy, Finland, Hungary, France new Nations from November 2009: Greece, Portugal, Sweden, Scotland contact: Mr Andre Hoddevik pace pole Project Director mobile: + 47 913 97587 E-Mail: Mr Klaus Vilstrup Pedersen pace pole Deputy Project Director mobile: + 47 970 81 554 E-Mail: about the bos KG developed the bremen online services GmbH & co. KG and sells software for legal and safe data exchange via the Internet in management, Justice and economy. The bos KG specializes in electronic signatures and their usage to the rationalisation of work processes. The company headquartered in the Bremen technology park was founded in 1999. It has about 95 employees and annual sales of 6 million euros. Contact Sandra of the Putten Head of marketing communications bremen online services GmbH & co.

RFID User Day 2009 A Success

the Congress documentation is now available on the 5, 2009 hosted the VDEB in the World Trade Centre Bremen the RFID user day 2009. In the aftermath of the event, the Congress documentation with all articles about the VDEB is available now. The Congress documentation includes 14 lectures RFID users and providers, representing convincingly, that RFID is feasible and worthwhile. The Congress documentation with the entire articles can be obtained from immediately via the website of the VDEB under at the price of 89,-euro plus VAT. In articles in the area of trade and logistics for KARSTADT Warenhaus GmbH and GERRY WEBER, TRICON consulting and ALBIS technologies especially the economy provided by RFID based on innovative case studies in the foreground. Interesting were also the practice reports that showed how the usage is actually realized by RFID in the textile cleaning, in the wood industry in the tool industry and in medical technology. Rolf Chung started the lecture program with two keynotes. In the first keynote explained: Jurgen Kusper by TRICON Consulting GmbH & co.

KG in his case study of excellent logistics for excellent gear – transparency and efficiency with RFID at ZF Friedrichshafen AG. Then, Alexander Ferro from ALBIS Technologies Ltd. described the possible applications of active RFID technology in specialty logistics. The so-called active RFID chips carry a battery and can transmit signals independently, allowing you to interesting applications construct. The directory structure of the exhibition following the RFID user day 2009 was divided into four different Panel. In Panel 1, described initially, Jos W. Fransen, EURO i.d.

identification systems GmbH & co. KG, based of his long-standing experience on innovative RFID applications in the practice and derived conclusions for the future use of RFID. Then were Norbert Streich, Kreyenhop & Kluge GmbH & co. KG, under the title of RFID for Metro as a motor for the improvement of the own processes in materials management and Production a first review of his company with RFID again.