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Comdirect bank has screwed a little upwards the fixed deposit interest rates in the short – and medium-term maturities. From the House of comdirect bank is a good news for all interest hunters. The direct bank has revised upwards currently is a part of its fixed deposit interest rates. Also the conditions of the 6 -, 12 -, and instead deposits were increased in addition to the interest for the period of 3 months. In the fairly short term investors benefit from 3 months now of up to 1.00% p.a., the interest rate has been doubled so. Also the 6-month time deposit was screwed a little upwards, for new investors there is now 1.10% interest p.a.. The interest rate for a manageable period of 12 months has been increased by 20 basis points and is now at 1.60% interest per year. At 3 years, there are now 2.70% per annum.

The remaining terms remain unchanged. So savers with the deposit of comdirect bank is still getting up to 4.00% can get per annum interest. There are the top interest with a maturity of 10 years. Who his money on a manageable Creating a period would like to, can also opt for 2 years, then there is only the half, namely 2.00% interest per year. The remaining conditions and interest can interest-enthusiastic investors under… read.

To highlight the fixed-term deposit offer of comdirect bank is, that the minimum investment amount is 500 euros just. So, already lower sums can be applied safely and profitably. Towards the top, there is no limit of investment. Given the high deposit insurance, which insures customer deposits up to 108.3 million euros, saver of their hard-earned money at all need to worry.

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