Career Planning Profession At The London Business School

Lynda Gratton career planning form new Fiona Sandford has many years of experience in the area of recruitment and career development of graduates. She currently works as Director of career planning at the London Business School (LBS). Previously it has supported this area at the London School of economics for 8 years, after she had begun at the UCL. This history shows that Fiona Sandford has sufficient experience in the field of career planning. All of this achieved, placing it has its focus on the training of students.

She believes that the included management training on behalf of the career planning and promotion for the students are becoming increasingly important. In her job she enjoys it, that she can accompany young students at the beginning of their career and can help you to get the perfect job. Their function has two main tasks: it presents to the students and graduates of the LBS major employers and on the other hand, it ensures that the students on the basis of the application with a high probability of these companies be. The LBS trying with the help of training, interview training, and customization of the CV to achieve that the job alerts will be to job offers. Also allows both the students and the company, to get in touch with each other.

Management training takes 2 years to the LBS and the deadline for interested is in January so that a close collaboration of the Department of career and the students can be ensured. In the training, the focus is placed on improving the curriculum vitae and the letter and practical interview techniques. Also, which held career center company contact measurement and so-called Drop-In sessions, students can easily connect with potential employers. Fiona Sandford said that the LBS operates major efforts in terms of marketing activities and to the achievement of many potential employers, the declining economic performance for the students can be compensated for sodas. The figures prove it: 92% of graduates from the year 2010 have within 3 Months found a job. Generally, the team of the career center has a great industry knowledge and many years of experience in many areas. The employees worked for example in leading investment banks, consulting firms and accounting firms. This expertise proves that they are suitable for an adequate application of the students.



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