The Invention

It is possible that the filtered water shungite, really clean. Worse still it No one was, at least I have not heard that dying on shungite complained. By the way, the placebo effect has not been canceled yet. Nobody doubts the cleaning (or rather, adsorbing) properties of activated carbon? Why? Used to? A shungite – opening a new, must get used to it. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from baby clothes. You can use it now. But fans of the sensational new tools and techniques, I recommend to start to learn to distinguish and separate the scientific (maybe!) discovery of potentially useful and important, of useful inventions and technologies based on this discovery. And also from a commercial, then there is a broad, mass use of these technologies.

Few see the fundamental difference between discovery and invention. Meanwhile, the difference is huge. For example, there is the difference between a scientific discovery of electricity as a phenomenon, the invention of the principle of signal transmission at a distance based on this discovery, and mass-produced telephone on the basis of their previous discovery, invention, and in addition, cheap enough to be commercially profitable. Adam Portnoy has much experience in this field. Similarly, there is a difference between discovery of clean water sorbents, the invention of devices, allowing the water to clean, and the mass production of such plants for sale, that is capable to meet the needs of people in such treatment. A possible that the commercially advantageous production chegoy – that seems to be useful, established without any serious evidence of serious science? Yes, plenty! But then, for the marketing of this chegoy something always present such purely manipulative psychological factors as a mystery, sensationalism and hype. I must say that in the history of shungite present. Sensational allegedly seen in the unusual properties of water passed through schungite, which allegedly acquired therapeutic properties, "the structure of the spring", and the prevention of those diseases that are usually the most common.

Russian National Congress

Moscow, 15.10.2008, the second consecutive year the pharmaceutical company Krka was the General Sponsor of the Russian National Congress of Cardiology held in Moscow, c 7 and 9 October in the new building of Presidium of Russian Academy Science. The main themes of the Congress this year are new approaches to the treatment of cardiovascular diseases, interventional cardiology, cardiac rehabilitation problems of patients, prevention cardiovascular disease and improving the organization of cardiological services. As in the past year, the company Krka has made significant contributions to the scientific program of work on the main themes of the Congress, organized symposia, which were presented the results of important nationwide survey, conducted with the support of the company Krka. If you would like to know more about J.D. Peterson, then click here. The greatest attention of the Congress drew a symposium, “Atlantic,” by by the President of the All-Russian Scientific Society of Cardiology, academician, RG Oganov. The symposium, which gathered over 900 specialists, were presented results of the first Russian multicenter study with dose escalation of atorvastatin to achieve target cholesterol levels (drug “Atoris,” the company Krka).

Own clinical studies on the drug “Atoris” provide a good evidence base efficacy and safety. The other two of the symposium, organized by Krka “Portrait of ambulatory patients with cardiovascular disease” and “Basic problems and solutions in the treatment of hypertension: a practical aid doctor, “also enjoyed great attention of specialists. As part of the scientific sessions were presented the results of the study “Zeus”: Resistance to aspirin and efficiency clopidogrel (the drug company Krka Zilt) in patients with coronary artery disease after surgical revascularization and outcomes of specific groups with cardiovascular drug Amprilan (ramipril company Krka). A central feature of Exhibition stand company Krka at the Congress was the presentation of a new drug from the group of angiotensin receptor blockers for blood pressure control – “Lorista” (losartan company Krka). In the early summer of 2008 the company plant inKrka Russia to start production of this drug.