Supermarket Detergent

I found a way to save money at the grocery store. Hello again. Do a few days ago in my blog published an article on saving money will be that I can do it? In him I told you that there were various mechanisms to reduce your level of expenditure in order to balance a little your balance between what you earn and what you spend (I’m assuming that you spend more than what you spend, that does not reach you your salary). As well, I’ll tell my experience at the grocery store a little bit and how save me some money when I buy my home supplies. First: have you noticed that in large areas or supermarkets they hire companies developing products under its own name? I.e., with the brand of the supermarket? An example of this can be that of a detergent. Let me explain: in my country is great recognition of a detergent for washing machine brand XXXXXXXX (of course not I’ll do advertising), which is found in all distribution centres and chain stores. But in a supermarket in particular, which It has stores throughout the country, they made an agreement with a medium-sized company that make them excellent detergent for washing machine, and that it can be purchased at a price below the 30 or 40% of the product’s brand. The results are equal to or better, but as it is not the brand, many think that it is not good.

Remember, the best products do not always are the ones who spend more money on marketing and advertising. There are several examples like this, but I would extend too if I named them all. Second: Sometimes I have started to analyze the prices of products in different sizes or presentations. A few months ago, I detected that the price of rice, in a supermarket XXXX, is priced at $1100 (Colombian pesos) by presentation in pounds (individual bag of 500 grams).



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