Resource Wars

The exploration of the sea Cspio is of extreme complication with aspects that go since its localization and the dispute for the route through the situated countries in its proximity, what it increases the nervousness concerning the market of the oil, therefore countries with exacerbado growth equal China and India that is the cases evidentes tend to have a very high demand for oil what it implies in a possible dispute between supreme consumers as U.S.A. and to explore the reserves of the sea Cspio is necessary that the production pass for one of the countries that if they point out its redor soon what can generate great divergences between exactly, generating interminable geopolitical conflicts that beyond the fear of the Russian control it also has insatisfao of the countries that are not placed in the region of the Cspio but that they are next to the countries that are as the case of the Anger; Afeganisto and the war between Armenia and the Azerbaidjo; the potential stability of the Gergia in the region, what it becomes the uncertain world-wide petroliferous market therefore is capable at any time to have you strike on possible explorations of reserves as this of the Cspio. No longer Brazil as all we know although the increase in the production and reserves of oil the Brazilians still pay a price well higher of what the Americans pay in the value of end items derived from oil as fuels, however with the discovery of the daily pay-salt and a possible autonomy of Petrobra’s this situation can improve or the least to be brightened up through an opening scene, of Petrobra’s if reinventando, to change with the new times the image of the company involved the creation em1999, of a new based strategical plan in three pillars: to consolidate what it was constructed, remodelling to compete; to internationalize the company, buying active in the exterior; to explore the sectors of electric energy and gas. Soon the geopolitics of the oil is an area of extreme oscillation and nervousness, therefore in the measure where the industries try to explore areas as of the Sea Cspio great concern also resurges Russia causing world in all Europe and the remain of the world since world-wide the petroliferous sector is of all a complexity where in elapsing of the months and years if it does not know to the certainty what it can happen. CALEIA RODRIGUES, J. (2000) the Geopolitics of the Oil: anatomy of the Conflicts..



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