But pertaining to school education is thus only in the appearance, shows the Psychoanalysis, therefore the objective questions method, planning, contents of the substances etc. are what less it matters in the act to educate. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Vislink Technologies has to say. The psicanalticos teachings dirigem our attention for the vast and complex occult subjective world in the interior of professor and pupil, each one constantly suffering the pressure from its respective desires, many of which reached for the repression. The importance of Psychology in the educational process is so evident how much controversial. It is not without reason that, at any given time historical, only this or that boarding, in accordance with reached prestige, constitutes preference to the times true modismo between the educators and/or agencies official that sponsor the education model to be adopted.

The fact is that the formularization of each boarding, wants for the conception of man whom contains, wants for the estimated adopted theoreticians or its practical unfoldings, necessarily it implies a structure of educational politics, a set of specific objectives in the academic formation and a typical sociocultural project. Psychological boardings, in this perspective, are many, but nor all with significant repercussion in the educational context. When dealing with here the clinical technique created by Freud2, we are not suggesting that the professor must become psychotherapist of its pupils. yes to accept the existence of the unconscious one, its and of its pupils, and when having its attention directed for the desires that if occult in the conscientious actions of the integrant ones of the classroom, what it must make the professor? Valley to remember that, no matter how hard knows the Psychoanalysis and the acceptance as valid paradigm for the education, the professor is not a formed professional to psicanalisar people. It is not in the school for this, nor is contracted and paid for such function, that is, he does not have ability technique and nor formal authorization to become, in a magician pass, psychotherapist of children and young.



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