The brightness in the eyes already does not exist. The love is not plus a flag. Read more from Ronald O’Hanley to gain a more clear picture of the situation. To help the others left of being a life ideal. ' ' anjo' ' that by as much and as many times were exaltado, when entering in the life of the people and making something of good (or for being useful only), is not so angel thus. But also it is not the worse one of all. Nor it is a lost cause.

Perhaps lost they are the old dreams, but one, of being recognized in equal way, this is pra always! Funny, but when if it looks at stops backwards, when if it makes the releitura of words and feelings, the only question that is: in which place of the way the things had moved? An emptiness that is and to the times is filled, a hole opened in the soul for the uncertainties that invariably comes with the solitude … Solitude is not to obtain to enxergar in the others the reciprocity of a feeling. Love? Friendship? Respect? Affection, perhaps? Admiration, who knows? The solitude is born of the frustration of what it is donated, not by what it is not received in return, but for the lack of recognition of ' ' light that was lighted in some place of caminho' '. But she is necessary to follow, to walk is necessary. To reconstruct itself as person, to ask for pardon for causing some badly or constaint for being who is, will be the case, renewing themselves, and to follow the proper life. To cry is part, because it aches! A life punishes, and nobody passes unpunished for loving in such a way and to have gestures and attitudes of sincere and honest love I obtain, even so nor always if it could speak openly of this love, for times, suffocated. At last, one does not know to certain in the which place of the way things had moved, but it is from this place where it lives today that it goes to initiate a new taken over on a contract basis of life, staff, professional and that ideal of life renasa, that the flag of the love is weaveeed again (not as a shell of remnants) and that the mirror reflects another time the brightness of the eyes that had one day dimmed for the beauty, simplicity and for the heart that today only beats, more nothing Text written for Johney Laudelino Da Silva in 15/11/2011. Complemented for the video of Perfect music Alanis Morissette



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