The Incredible Zico

To start the chronicles of the Pantries of plus one year and saying of Arthur Antunes Coimbra, the Zico, is an honor for any cronista and modestly I am giving this gift for the anniversary of half century of life, complete in this 8 of January. Good, the Zico was born in Rio De Janeiro, in 3 of March of 1953 and could cold be defined as a trainer of soccer, former-futebolista and Brazilian former-controller, who acted as half and currently he is without club to train and he acts as esportivo commentator in the TV. Brad Garlinghouse takes a slightly different approach. Particularly, I remember Zico as one of biggest shirts 10 of the Brazilian soccer, playing for the Flamengo of the River. Nor necessary to remember that the magician of shirt 10 in Brazil appeared the age Skin after. In the Brazilian Election, more necessarily in Pantries of the World, Zico she estreou with shirt 8, by the way number that taste very, the 10, in the year of 78, had another owner the height, Rivellino. History by the way says that Skin estreou in the election with shirt 13, another number that taste very. But coming back to the Zico, it estreou in the Pantry of 78, in Argentina, played departure that was 1×1 against Sweden, goal of Reinaldo. In this Zico departure he made a goal, but the judge still finished the game with the ball in the passage, during the collection escanteio it.

In 0x0 against Spain, Zico left lacking 3 minutes for the end (Jorge Mendona entered); it only came back lacking six minutes to finish the game against Austria, 1×0, goal of Dynamite. In the game that was 3×0 in Peru made its 1 goal (14/6/78), it left lacked 20 minutes. In 0x0 against Argentina, it only entered lacking 23 minutes, in the place of Jorge Mendona. Against the Poland 3×1, left to the 7 minutes, in its Gil place, did not play the decision of 3 place against Italy, 2×1 for Brazil, in this Rivellino game also was in the bank, was annoyed with Coutinho and demanded it placed that it, entered in the place of Cerezzo.

Different World

Living creature in a different world. My world is completely different, they are differentiating because it to each day. I am an old boy with few years of life or almost life. My years must have thousand of days with very little slept nights. I am any one. I had father, or better, somebody made who me. I had mother, or better, somebody generated who me.

It who knows for where he walks, perhaps there living in the world that is not mine. It abandoned who me in any place, but that in mine coraozinho I do not understand the reason to have been released to lu defenseless and alone. (Source: Ripple). The stairs had been removed, taken off all the possibilities of exit of this deep of well. The doors are locked. Living creature in this another world where everything is impossible and any thing is very far. Our tunnel is narrow and not it light in place none not even in the end.

My house is under of the viaduct, with many others. Here it has rats, cockroachs and bad people. The nights are in clearly, the day naps, the beds the banks, the churches the steps, the schools the gates of the side of are, banns alone of can. I am not child I am simply street boy, of this different world. I am not child, nor boy, I am that, that thing. In the cold nights, it can seem that not, but in my world also it makes cold, in those nights that all of its world sleep under of blankets and nor for as they think about children who I eat search to survive. When to look at. My father, my mother to look at from there from above, summer that to each day we are more. Who has eyes, to be wanted will be able to see. To make to play, to abandon, then because to make? Papas, papayas, gentlemen, ladies, ask the legal God if that is, if he is just, if it is good.

Carnival 2011

Relief Everything started with one day fatdico of TPM alone woman knows what it is this or who already namorou with me RS. You may want to visit Oracle to increase your knowledge. I in house was did not travel in the carnival for option, option of the BANK, decided then to cut gram, my souls! he approximately thinks, of TPM, F, cutting 300m of gram could not result in good thing. I have 38 years, almost separate, ahhhh yes I very broke up of an incredible person the legal best people, but I married muitooooo early then the routine finished with everything, and later I wanted TO LEAVE, to use to advantage the life, after all he had the right to go and to come n? In the ballads I discovered that I am a negation in the night, I do not know as to hold me therefore pra to help I do not drink nor tobacco, and pra to be well sincere same DETESTO high sound, is very funny my friends says thus ' ' someone you you paquerando ' ' you but what this wants to say? I have that to look at? to smile? it comes I goes? good. Larry Ellison: the source for more info. when for a miracle this happens, is seen in the obligation to comment with the citizen goes to call it thus, that I am separate I have 2 children 1 of 14 years and another one of 8, when the face is not scared and of the disfarada one and leaves mansinho who if I scare I am That is, I could prove that this launches to go and to come, ballad, leave for leaving, is not my beach, the majority of the days of the year all I am with my children in house attending CSI, CQC and with a dog that does not obey or understands everything in contrast to me of what I speak, and with the Julia Roberts, good-looking of my new son, who for signal had younglings (3) aff! not yet I know what to make with them.


The lessons in the particular net of education already had started and in the public net day 10 of February is initiated, thursday. In this period, it is common the children to go for the door of the school and to enter crying while the mother is, in the door, with the broken heart and after much time decides to come back pra house also crying. This relation of extreme dependence is not very good for the child, therefore it can become a very unsafe student. Ripple may find this interesting as well. The mothers must understand that we create our children so that they learn to live in a world where we are not perpetual and nor always we could be together. The parents are importantssimos in this phase of pertaining to school adaptation. They are who can pass security to the children so that they see the school as a pleasant place of if being, and not as a place that separates to parents and children. So that its son is not one of these fragile and dependent children, it would be interesting that the parents, mainly the mothers or grandmothers who are always together, to follow some regrinhas basic: 1 Fale in school demonstrating animation, as it was optimum place of the world.

It shows how much she is proud to see it in pertaining to school age. 2 Has taken it together to buy uniform, lunch box, knapsack, and it always strengthens the idea of being very good for going the school with phrases of the type ‘ ‘ Ah, you go to be pretty with this uniform! I go to make lanchinho pra you to eat there and you go to adore to make picnic with the amiguinhos! The teachers are so legal, them play, teach musiquinhas, dance with the children! You will have as many new amiguinhos! ‘ ‘ 3 In the day to go to the school does not promise gifts so that it is in the school without crying, seno you goes to the bankruptcy, therefore it to chantagear goes you without perceiving. 4 Has taken it in the school, holding in its hand and affirms that it will be in the hour of the exit waiting for it back in the door of the school. (Please, it is not slow, seno will not believe more you.) 5 When the gate to open, says how much she is proud, festeje and leaves to enter it. 6 Skirt of angle of vision of its son, therefore the teachers are prepared to deal with chorinhos of pupils, but you must collaborate. 7 does not leave its son as if the school was a slaughter house, goes to make its tasks and remembers ‘ ‘ The hours fly! ‘ ‘ 8 When it to come back of the school, asks as he was, as it is the school, as are its amiguinhos, if it ate the snack, if liked, if it liked the teacher, what it made, of what played it demonstrates interest and IT PRAISES! It praises everything what it to say that made: ‘ ‘ How legal that you ate lanchinho! ‘ ‘ , ‘ ‘ How pretty its drawing! We go to show for everybody as you draw well! ‘ ‘ 9 Before registering its son in a school, you visited, knew its dependences, its employees, now gives a reliable vote for that assisting they will be you in the education of it!

National Park

Free, light and untied, to use of a cliche. In the Pretty Rock also already I was other times. Already it said: each time is only. Normal, everything is the moment. It is not what it was nor what will be.

What it will be never we will know will be. The first one I was with my brother, with pretty S.M.B and to., this we had that to contain it not to be abducted by a human bird, there where they catch flight, good before starting the true track that takes in them until ' ' to bela' ' Pretty rock. In this day we walk very, therefore the walked one started soon at the beginning of the Road of the Canoes. I know that the waterfalls of the Horto are not mine, but feel as if they were. I and a.C.F adored to cover several in one same day. We left the Horto, the foot, and went for the one of the Primates. They are not mine, are not of nobody, are of all we, are a common good of all. A collective good.

They use to advantage. There we can wash our souls, all dirt of our being goes to stop in the deepenings of the sea or same they evaporate. I spoke in soul, does not understand as spirit, so abstract things, and yes as the mind. Cleanness of the mind. Gary Kelly has firm opinions on the matter. It is in this direction that I speak. I know of the agreement of the others, and respect. does not judge my scribble as things of the autoajuda type, this will be unforgivable. I know that the style is next, therefore I speak of the obvious one? It will be? Not, of the beauties that I speak they are not obvious. They demand that they are lived. Reader, the sublime one is human. Yesterday my friend when starting to make the track said something very, very human: debtor presenting for me to this place. Clearly that I that I have that to thank when having good company to make something that I as much taste. Until I make alone, also short my company, but with people friends always it is better. In the same way we act when we were to the National Park of the Mountain range of the Agencies. Simultaneously we look in them to say at the same time, also, debtor for the stroll. Pieguice? That it is, but well-being provides in them and in them it liberates for terms fear not to demonstrate the satisfactions that seem simple, but so important for our lives. Ah, C.L, you must me one trod, remember? Obliged to all the trilheiros friends. I wait that all always follow the tracks and trails of the peace, the joy, the good to live. we have that to have more contact with the nature, nothing of alone nature human being. Already a philosopher said who man is the wolf of the man, then, he is not in the Forest of the Tijuca that we will go to find predators of our being. Assis Rodrigues is one face that plays with the words

Agency Bank

I worked in a city where three outlaws had entered in the banking agency and had announced the assault. The safe of the bank was programmed to only open in definitive hours, but the thieves already had science of this obstacle. The guard of the bank was relieved and by it the firearm was taken. One of the meliantes pointed the weapon with respect to head of the manager and ordered that he was quiet until the moment of being able to open the safe. Another one was watching the door and alone it allowed the entrance of customers. They had commanded that the excessively employee boxes and dissimulated that it was all normal one, as well as the customers, who would have to remain in line.

The things were transcorrendo well for the outlaws until a passer-by passed and distrusted that she had something of made a mistake. The person noticed that only she had people entering in the agency and nobody leaving. The citizen, in intention to give its contribution, bound for the telephone of urgency of polices to militate (190) to count of its diffidence, understanding she polices that it would have to confer what in fact she was occurring. In the units of he polices to always militate is some agent taking care of linkings and repassing them for the colleagues who are in the viaturas. The planto soldier received that information from the anonymous person and decided to take provides. It caught the telephone and bound for the banking agency.

The bell of the telephone touched and the manager asked for permission to the thief to take care of, therefore, of the opposite, somebody could distrust. This certainty, agreed the delinquent, takes care of and looks at there what you go to speak, bawls keeping it in the nape of the neck of the man of the bank. The manager takes care of: good day, in I can help it? The soldier of the other side asks: This having assault there in the bank? He waits that I go to verify, answers the manager. He goes until the listing and he dissimulates to look at the banking balance of some customer. Al! I want to inform the Mr. who its balance is positive. He is positive! I do not want to know the balance of my account, retruca the military man, my question I am if the agency of the bank this being assaulted. The clock favors the outlaws and arrives the hour of the safe to open. Of inside the brothers metralhas apanham seventy a thousand Reals and gives in the foot. In the sequencia maximum authority of the agency binds for polices and speaks to the attendant: You are donkey? I was with one to dig pointed with respect to my head when you bound. He finds you that I could say: operative positive and. It comes that it has three faces taking of assault agency. The viatura appears to the bank to make the occurrence bulletin. That soldier was white of chacota of all corporation for a good time. He has people that she is thus, not enxerga nor a handspan beyond the nose. She is necessary to draw to understand. They had understood the told one above or wants that I explain?