Paul McCartney

Sgt Pepper is great not only because of its music, but also because of its concept and the design of its cover which was designed by pop artist Peter Blake. Paul McCartney insisted that Sgt Peppers was a great work of art and therefore insisted that the album cover had to be worthy of its contents. The latter concept was simple: was presented to The Beatles as a band within a band, offering a concert, perhaps in a park, dressed as sergeants in front of a collage of famous faces. Blake asked for suggestions to each of them. John wanted to include Jesus, Gandhi and, in a cynical attitude to Hitler. However, a few months had passed since the famous statement made by him, which stated that ‘the Beatles were more popular than Jesus “, and decided it was better not to include it. George suggested to some teachers and sages of India.

Ringo no had an interest to suggest someone. Virgin Airlines shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. Robert Fraser and Blake also suggested personalities like Marilyn Monroe, Bob Dylan, Cassius Clay, DH Lawrence and even Shirley Temple. Mexican actor’s face Germain Valdes “Tin Tan” appear on the cover but refused at the last minute, sending instead a tree of life from Metepec (traditional Mexican plant) that is at one edge of the photograph. Brian Epstein, manager of the Beatles, like the record company, objected to this home for fear of potential lawsuits for fear of potential lawsuits since many of those who appeared on the cover still alive at that time. Epstein also thought it took away attention so much personality to the group.



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