On Mineral Resources

The problem of obtaining a license for water wells has become the most urgent in recent years. Since Soviet times, remains a huge amount of underground water intakes, operated without a valid license for unapproved stocks. Most often, the wells are operated for three to four decades and the issue of their legal registration, to a certain point, no one thought to do. In the 90s it's time to large urban artesian wells. For most of them were performed on the licensing, organization of monitoring, evaluation and revaluation reserves.

It is quite logical to expect that more will get to Rosnedra single intakes, on the balance of legal entities. What's happening. The works here – no end, but if you make long-term prognosis, then someday it will reach the common people, ie to private wells. But do not get ahead of ourselves. This article has a specific purpose – namely, to understand what must be the owner of the well, to safely issue a license for extraction of groundwater.

Fundamental point in the operation of water wells is the fact that subterranean water minerals. Accordingly, the owner of the water well used for the purpose of extraction of groundwater is subsoil. In accordance with Russian law on February 21, 1992 2395-1 On Mineral Resources", the provision of subsoil use is made of a special state permission in the form of licenses, including the prescribed form with the form National Emblem of the Russian Federation, as well as text, graphics and other applications that are an integral part of the license and determine the basic conditions of subsoil use.



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