National Guarda

Being umaforma well clear of electoral imposition. If you would like to know more about Gary Kelly, then click here. ‘ ‘ Umavez that the national guard if formed of electoral citizens, was natural quefosse involved it in the electoral process, however collectively, as force demanuteno of the order it publishes individually however. Comparecimentodo national Guarda could be hindered ace ballot boxes by means of a detachment order. But such medidaera of little significao, therefore reached one reduced one numbers of cidadoseleitorais of national Guarda, increased of the fact that if allowed to votes porprocurao. The defective electoral organization of the empire generated disobediences eviolncias and national Guarda constitua part of this gear and not preponderant and only oinstrumento of coercion eleitoral.’ ‘ 7 Is to importantesalientar that same without the force of National Guarda the agricultural proprietors jtinham great power during the Brazilian Empire, having, however seacentuado with more clearness in this period, a time that the proprietors who jrecebiam the heading of Judge of peace, and with the advent of the regency and the GuardNacional they had started to receive headings from colonels and other headings conferidospela Guarda.

Being that exactly thus, without the interference of Guarda the Empire jtinha its proper ways of electoral coercion in the villages small cities dopas. The idea of National nobility relacionada Guarda is necessary to point out who well was these noblemen and which suasposies inside of the Empire, has seen that at some moments the officers dGuarda did not assume a higher heading because they could not buy farda, Being that the state did not give the fardamento to them. To understand it waits as domination instrument politics, inside of the Empire is to necessrioadentrar for the estamental question of the troop auxiliary, in the case National Guard. Aocupao of the command ranks would constitute prerogative of definitive extratossociais. Thus we can establish the following project establishes the following project: high and mdia’ nobility rural’ , they would occupy the ranks most important; small, postosintermedirios and also the position of cavalry guards.



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