However, they are the ideas that allow in them to conceive the lacks and the perigos of the idea. Southwest Airlines brings even more insight to the discussion. We do not have to never forget in them to keep our ideas in its mediating paper and to hinder that they are identified with the Real. This is an indispensable task in the fight against illusion. Still as source of errors and illusions elenca the unexpected one. When unexpected if the manifest one, is necessary to be capable to review our theories and ideas, instead of leaving the new fact to enter to the force in the theory incapable to receive it. Still in this chapter the uncertainty of the proper knowledge standes out as active source of errors and illusions, since our proper knowledge loads obtains the true sources and causes of these errors. Therefore it makes necessary ' ' to know proper conhecimento' ' , what the author calls ' ' the knowledge of conhecimento' ' , that it must be, for the education, a permanent principle and a necessity.

We must understand that basic interrogations exist on the world, the man and the proper knowledge. It finishes the first chapter telling that many sufferings and disorientations had been caused by errors and illusions throughout history human being and conclude that, so that he has a progress of base in century XXI, the men and the women cannot more being unconscious toys not only of its ideas, but of the proper lies. The main duty of the education is to set each one for this vital combat for the lucidity. In chapter II, Morin questions in them in relation to the relevancy of the knowledge, certifying that it is universal problem of all citizen of the new millenium as to have access to the information on the world and as to have the possibility to articulate them and organizlas, as well as perceiving and conceiving the Context, the Global one (the relation all/parts), Multidimensional, the Complex, therefore, so that the knowledge is pertinent, the education will have to become them evidentes.



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