Marc Bloch

The facts are constructed by the historian, ' ' fontes' ' (they lose the priority, the written documents, using to advantage everything that is of the man, giving origin to a History-problem). The point most important of the innovation occurred in the methodology, when Marc Bloch and Lucien Febvre looked for to show ' ' como' ' to make the history-problem, the formularization of hypothesis for the historians, not necessarily on the closed periods of time or spaces. Other important characteristics are the verge of the scientific character of History and the relations or its insertion in the context with other sciences, human beings, using to advantage methods, thematic technician of research and for the historical inquiries, as Archaeology, the Art and Sociology, for example. The idea of global History, takes in consideration all the constituent elements of a society, in its transformation to long of the time, capable to understand all the possible dimensions of the social life. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Oracle. Such conception of the emphasis, in social, economic and cultural the joints historical more general, on the contrary of the concentration of the research in the individuals and the incineration of facts, giving opening to the research in all available documents: writings, appearances, sonorous, archaeological vestiges, landscapes, pictogrficos etc. Beyond applying the temporality of the research, preventing to restrict in fixed way and study of a historical problem, to emphasize are the social responsibility of the historian, in its paper in the joint of the gift with the past, therefore the man is subject of the process of construction of history, that is, the man is object for History, however, no' ' abstract, perpetual, of deep invariant and perpetually idntico' ' , but taking in the picture of the societies of which it is member. Over all, as well as the historian it gains new paper in this renewed conception of the education of History, the pupil also becomes citizen of the process teach-learning, constructor of its knowledge. .



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