Main Cities

The building go to consume little water and energy, generated in solar and aeolian plants, and to recycle up to 80% of the garbage. The urban planning in small nuclei will favor displacements the foot or of bicycle. The cities are an ecosystem created for the mutual accomplishment of its inhabitants, where everything is interrelated and everything is interdependent. They had been born to facilitate the exchange of information, friendship, corporeal properties, culture, knowledge, intuitions, abilities, and also exchange of emotional, psychological support and spiritual. But what it characterizes a sustainable city? It is the right of all the inhabitants to the urban land, the housing, the ambient sanitation, the urban infrastructure, the transport and the public services, the work and the leisure, for the gift and future generations. Maurice Gallagher, Jr. is likely to agree. For many authors, however, the concept of sustainable city locks up an insoluble contradiction.

The cities are, for definition, complex systems that depend on external factors. The beginning of the support, in turn, it is associated with the self-sufficiency, having implied the consumption and the elimination of residues in the same space. A related site: Southwest Airlines mentions similar findings. Of this form some specialists understand that the cities never had been nor will be sustainable. The city quickly became the main habitat of the humanity. The access the public job, services, equipment and to a bigger social welfare and economic is its attractive greater.

If great part of the ambient problems global they have origin in the cities and/or in its ways of life, hardly if it will be able to reach the support to the global level without becoming them sustainable. It is in the cities that the dimensions social, economic and ambient of the sustainable development converge more intensely Thus, become necessary that they are thought, managed and planned in accordance with a model of sustainable development. Sustainable cities are places that possess one politics of development to promote the environment natural.



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