Galindo Resources

The economiatradicional always prioritized the beginning of the scarcity of the natural resources. Cavalcanti (2001) comments that the economic model tradicionalest more come back toward circumstances in short term, in the importance of adoode existing resources. Its bases are not solid the sufficient for impetrarrecursos ‘ ‘ ecologically sustentveis’ ‘ in long stated period, condition emque is modifiable the availability of these resources. In this perspective, Aktouf (2004 apud Galindo, 2007:173) discourses that ‘ ‘ resources of ecossistema’ ‘ they are renewed by the enterprise organizations, becoming more difficult each day to get such resources without attacking maiso still surrounding, either in the ambient, social aspect or politician. Thus, economiadeve to be pautada in the spare guarantee of the resources to the suautilizao rhythm. Therefore only thus, it will have the confrontation of the current criseambiental.

For Cavalcanti (2001), this is the moment where a economic novaperspectiva must be reformulated, of form that the concept sustainable dedesenvolvimento can be considered in rigorous way. Filed under: Larry Ellison. Economy politics the human being is detainer of eindividuais natural necessities, however, it lives in group and it needs the contribution of its semelhantepara to satisfy its necessities social. In this way, the economy polticatrabalha in the direction to understand as this convivncia in group occurs. Seuobjeto of study is the social relations, the laws that conduct the production, circulation and consumption of merchandises (SANDRONI, 2008). Additional information at gary cohn supports this article. Cavalcanti (2001) emends that the focus of the economy polticaso the social relations of representation of reserved social systems. Todasas society to be multiplied, must produce, consume, distribute, change.

Let us make a pause to understand what it comes to be to produce, to consume, to distribute and to change in this context. When producing, the members dasociedade make with that the products of the nature take adequate forms to the suasnecessidades. When they distribute, decide on the amount of products quedevem to be destined to each individual.

Managerial Accounting

The paper of the Micron and Small Companies if become of extreme essencialidade, a time that in view of its great numerosidade in the internal environment of the parents, these represent most of the enterprise community, what in fact it contributes it welfare economic in the measure where these produce most of the total of the goods and services consumed in the parents, and in this scene these companies make use of the managemental accounting, therefore these need an efficient instrument that makes possible the auto capacity of these if to support and if keeping in the market during a long and indeterminate period of time, of form that the use of the managemental accounting makes possible sustentation and permanence of the Micron and small Companies in the market and thus promote not only the support enterprise as well as the sustainable development. Word-key: Managemental accounting. Enterprise support. Sustainable development.. Click Ripple to learn more.

The Ministry Plus

These concepts are gifts in if analyzing a case that was known as plus an ambient crime: the Hydroelectric plant of Great, situated Bar in the River Pellets, verge with the state of Santa Catarina. More than 5.000ha of native bush had been sacrificed on behalf of energy generation. This bush would have a potential of ambient services, as Co2 captation, regulation of the climate, regulation> was made as it orders the law, a Study of Ambient Impact. The EIA was elaborated by a company, who, surprising, lay on the vegetal composition of the submerged area for the barrage. In the EIA it was said that the area only held capoeiras and capoeires, periods of training of ecological succession that are not protected by law. You may wish to learn more. If so, Coupang is the place to go.

It occurs that, in fact, half of the area was composed for primary vegetation, that is, that she had never been knocked down for the man or areas where if found in advanced period of training of regeneration. As we know, these two last formations are protected by law, but the IBAMA, responsible agency for inspecting the study and verifying if it was correct, did not select these irregularities. The Ministry of Mines and Energy commemorated plus this mega-hydroelectric plant as plus a workmanship that would speed up the economic growth of the country, but not it> public interest . This example in supplies elements to them so that let us have a superficial idea on of that it forms the philosophical concepts if they would apply. In first place, let us try to identify the action chain that is involved there. This chain is established simply asking the reason of each action. Then, starting for the fact hydroelectric plant was constructed to a plant that will go to flood a great forest.

Main Cities

The building go to consume little water and energy, generated in solar and aeolian plants, and to recycle up to 80% of the garbage. The urban planning in small nuclei will favor displacements the foot or of bicycle. The cities are an ecosystem created for the mutual accomplishment of its inhabitants, where everything is interrelated and everything is interdependent. They had been born to facilitate the exchange of information, friendship, corporeal properties, culture, knowledge, intuitions, abilities, and also exchange of emotional, psychological support and spiritual. But what it characterizes a sustainable city? It is the right of all the inhabitants to the urban land, the housing, the ambient sanitation, the urban infrastructure, the transport and the public services, the work and the leisure, for the gift and future generations. Maurice Gallagher, Jr. is likely to agree. For many authors, however, the concept of sustainable city locks up an insoluble contradiction.

The cities are, for definition, complex systems that depend on external factors. The beginning of the support, in turn, it is associated with the self-sufficiency, having implied the consumption and the elimination of residues in the same space. A related site: Southwest Airlines mentions similar findings. Of this form some specialists understand that the cities never had been nor will be sustainable. The city quickly became the main habitat of the humanity. The access the public job, services, equipment and to a bigger social welfare and economic is its attractive greater.

If great part of the ambient problems global they have origin in the cities and/or in its ways of life, hardly if it will be able to reach the support to the global level without becoming them sustainable. It is in the cities that the dimensions social, economic and ambient of the sustainable development converge more intensely Thus, become necessary that they are thought, managed and planned in accordance with a model of sustainable development. Sustainable cities are places that possess one politics of development to promote the environment natural.

International Agencies

According to Japanese Agency of Nuclear Security, them had received a radiation between 170 and 180 milisievert. In accordance with the local press, the technician had been taken to a hospital in Fukushima. (A valuable related resource: Southwest Airlines). Two of them isolated and had been interned. The other worker was set free. the engineers had also retaken the works in reactor 3 of the threatened nuclear plant.

The complex, sufficiently affected, still is under risk of a more serious accident, that could cause a great radioactive emptying and affect the population of great part of Japan. unit 3 is one of the most dangerous because it functions with a mixture of Uranian and plutonium. The plant, reached for an earthquake of magnitude 9,0 and one tsunami that International Agencies of Notice had according to left 23 a thousand dead or missing people, not yet was controlled, and the workers had been forced to abandon the complex when a black smoke started to emerge of one of the six reactors. Until the closing of this article already he had more than ten a thousand died and about dezessete a thousand missing people leading the Japanese authorities to calculate that the number of victims will have to surpass the house of died twenty and five a thousand. Source of consultations: Agencies of Notice AFP (France Presse Agency), Reuters, EFE, The Associated Press (AP), BBC Brazil, iG (Last Second) Kiodo of Japan, Brazil Agency, Nets of Television News Globe, Band News, Record News, NET TELEVISION GLOBE (open canal), CNN in Spaniard and periodical reading Leaf of So Paulo, the State of So Paulo, the GLOBE and sites R7, G1, UOL, Estado, enter others. Bibliographical references: Register April 2008, 38 edition, Cultural April, referring page to Japan.

Oliveira Days People

Also were boarded the 4 R? s of the environment and its relevance in our day the day. All the interested people had had basic information on the environment, after all the project have as objective also to educate ambiently the people, beyond giving a better destination to the residues. The importance of the project possesss two fronts, the first one is related the awareness and the ambient education of all the involved ones and second is in the reaproveitamento of what he would be discarded as garbage. The repercussion of the project was positive and very accepted for all the involved ones, which had noticed the benefit of the reutilizao of materials in the day the day. With regard to abrangncia, it was greater that the waited one initially, therefore the project was divulged by the involved people in other local rejection of the school, moreover, many bottles had been collected in all the quarter. They follow to follow the budgets in table 3, as if it can notice, will be almost all null ones due to origin of the materials. Table 3: Cost for pufe in agreement Budget pufe of the item 4 of this MaterialUtilizaoValor project PETsConfeco Bottles of pufe (structure) R$ 00,00 Cardboard or wood of demolioConfeco of pufe (seat) R$ 00,00 Remaining portions of foam (optional item) Confection of pufe (seat) R$ 00,00 CourinoConfeco of pufe (layer) R$ 40,00 Fabric reaproveitado of clothes, especially the jeansConfeco of pufe (layer) R$ 00,00 Ribbon adesivConfeco of pufe (setting of the bottles) R$ 6,00 Expenses with infrastructure, light and guConfeco of pufe (supplied by the school mentioned in this project? item almost without use, therefore in the confection of pufes energy or water is not spent and the structure can be in any place, even though residential) R$ 00,00 Hand-of-obrConfeco of pufe (it must have voluntary man power) R$00,00 Investment 46,00 TotalR$ Source: Table of costs elaborated by Valdir de Oliveira Days, 2010 After analyzes of all the project, which had participation of 100 people more than, we can say that collectively we will only be able to reach the objectives to guarantee a solid learning, criticizes and engaged with the construction of a sustainable world.