Java Coffee

This scene propitiated the sprouting of an enormous aggregate contingent, beyond besiegers, independent no-escravistas croppers, who fed the bonds of nature politics. The power politician of the coffee if gave due to the dependent aggregate number of it (coffee) making then with that the product if fortified. Originary of the Abissnia it is a native plant of sub-forest. Ocidente knew it in the commerce with the Mediterranean East forming beberagem of the rich gentes and high intellectuals (sc. XVII and XVIII).

The first Europeans to cultivate it had been the dutches in its colonies in Java. The Frenchmen had at the beginning introduced the coffee in the New World of sc. XVIII, first in the Martinica, and later in the decade of 1720 in its Guyana. In 1727, the General Governor of the state of the Maranho, Joo of Mayan Gamma sent a mission commanded for the Sgt. Mor, Francisco de Mello Vane with intention to smuggle seeds of the coffee, found if them. In return the Belm, the smuggled load multiplied the culture of the plant in its neighborhoods.

In 1732 Par exported seven arrobas (equivalent the 15 kilos) of coffee to Lisbon. In the 1750 end, this exportation already grows the 4,800 arrobas. Having reached Amazon and the Maranho, the culture was economically inexpressiva. In the 1760 end, they had broken the first changes or seeds for Rio De Janeiro. In this city, until the decade of independence, in fifty years more or less, the coffee was culture of mansions and yards. In Mendanha beed situated it main coffee property, I besiege it of the Priest Antonio Couto of the Fonseca, and from there they leave the matrices for the of the state of Rio de Janeiro coffee plantations. The troops of muares (mules, donkeys, and fellow creatures) that they supplied the capital returned loaded from changes and seeds for the Mountain range.



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