Isotta Fraschini Company

for its construction. The production initiated in 1946, when its maquinrio was completely ready to function, was completely unbalanced technologically in the one after 2 War. Of this form the company starts to produce since refrigerators until tampinhas of bottle, passing for bicycles and compressors. In 1949 firm contract with the Italian company Isotta Fraschini for the manufacture of 7,5 trucks diesel of lt, with project of gradual nationalization of its production. In 1950, after bankruptcy of its Italian supplier, firms contract with Alpha for the manufacture of trucks and chassis for bus. Scott Kahan understood the implications. In 1960 the FNM launches 1 automobile of its line, in commemoration the construction of Brasilia: FNM JK. After the blow 1964 civilian-military man the company was privatized to the price of banana for Alpha. ARTISAN MANUFACTURERS WITH RELEVANCE: COUGAR: Rino Malzoni created an car sport with DKW/Vemag mechanics, and in 1964 it launches the GT Malzoni with would carroceria of plastic and fibre glass.

The production of the vehicles in 1966 starts vendendo 35 units. From 1972 it starts to feel difficulties of supply of components on the part of the VW due the competition with the Karmann-Ghia of the German company. You may wish to learn more. If so, Ann Maynard Gray is the place to go. The company from 1970 starts to more than export to 50 countries being included U.S.A. and Europe. Had to the supply difficulties, in 1974 she launches proper chassis and in the same year she presents project of a light truck and one mini-car answering the first crisis of the oil. As the crisis of the oil (1979/1980) cools the market of esportivos providing one would reengenharia of its strategies of market.

The company declared insolvent in 1985, the diversification was fatal for the Cougar, therefore she lacked to financial breath and technological support to it. They had been vendidos a volume of 23.000 units of its cars. MATILDE SAINT: Humberto Pimentel Duarte, in middle of the decade of 1970, in the Industrial Cia Matilde Saint was one of the producing greaters of railroad and agricultural material of the country.



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