International Conservation

The Pantanal, for example, has only 1.1% of the territory protected for federal areas. Here, Ann Maynard Gray expresses very clear opinions on the subject. The coastal ecosystems do not have nor protected 0.5%. But the loss of vegetation in the Pantanal can compromise the water suppliment of all the Basin of the River Silver. The sea devastao directly harms the supplying of fish of the populations. The numbers of UCs are inversely proportional to the devastao degree. While the open pasture only has 3.3% of the territory protected for federal units, the loss of the vegetation already can have been of 55%, in accordance with numbers of the ONG International Conservation (CI). Known as upside-down forest, because the biomass is more intent in the root of what in the trunks and leves, bioma has one high potential to kidnap carbon.

The first step to redeem this situation is to know what in fact it is happening with each area. This because, taking off the bush, none of biomas Atlantic it counts on system of monitoramento of the deforestation. The biggest tropical forest of the world collects superlatives: it has the joint greater of rivers of the planet and the biggest biodiversity of Brazil (earns of the Atlantic bush in absolute numbers). With about 4 million ha, it keeps 82% of original bush approximately. Bioma is defined by the hot and humid equatorial climate, with torrential rains and closed forest.

Bioma represents about 30% of the remaining tropical forests of the world, more than congregates 40 a thousand species of plants, 300 of mammals, 1,3 a thousand of birds and more than 400 of amphibians. The estimates of fish vary between 3 a thousand and 9 a thousand species. Understood it enters the States of TM and MS, this subject to flooding plain it underneath passes up to six months per year d' water. It is a great zone of transistion between the Amaznia, the open pasture and the mire.



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