Frankfurt Engine

"Wartburg" first-born were the most that neither is the horseless carriage, equipped with a 0.5-liter motor power 3.5 hp The presence of front and rear suspensions have been no hints. Such as simplified design has become a good stimulus for a more progressive work of local engineers and designers which created a year later the car accelerates to 60 km / h. Moreover, in 1902 appeared "Wartburg" with a 3.1-liter engine and 5 speed gearbox, which was enough to win the race that same year in Frankfurt. A very important point in the history of the BMW plant in Eisenach and became in 1904, when at the Frankfurt motor show cars were exhibited under the name "Dixie", testifying to the good development of the company and a new level production. Bernard Golden may not feel the same. There have been two models – S6 and S12, the numbers in the designation which indicates the amount of horsepower.

(By the way, the model S12 not discontinued until 1925.) 1919: Franz Zeno Diemer (center) with his record plane to the position of chief designer at Bayerische Motoren Werke was invited Max Fritz, who worked at the factory Daimler. Under the leadership of Fritz was manufactured aircraft engine BMW IIIa, which in September 1917 successfully passed the bench tests. Equipped with this engine aircraft at the end of the year set a world record, rising to 9760 m. At the same logo appears BMW – circle, divided into two blue and two white sectors, is a stylized image propeller rotating at neba.Uchityvalos background and that blue and white – the national tsvetazemli Bavaria.



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