Fashion For Fridges

At the beginning of last century, such as setting environmental attention is not paid at all: as a refrigerant in refrigerators at that time used sulfur dioxide or ammonia leak that could cause harm health. By the end of 20's thanks to the introduction of all-metal cabinets and refrigerators are sealed and are now more compact in appearance reminded elegant cabinets. In the early 30's there are the first two-compartment refrigerators. Then manufacturers started to offer wall-mounted and built-in models. During this period in fashion includes smooth sleek products, so refrigerators Rounded corners and legs conceal side panels that extend to the floor. As a decoration for refrigerators used chrome strips and stainless steel finish. In some models, low temperature branch is transferred to a lower portion. Refrigerators large for convenience are equipped with two doors in the mid 30-ies became supply shelves. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Hewlett-Packard .

During this period, more attention paid to begin the environmental aspect. Refrigerators become safer, because as refrigerants in them are now using freon. In the late 50's in Europe there is a tendency to return to a rectangular shape cabinet. The bottom of the refrigerator compartment are placed almost the floor, that makes maximum use of space. In the 60 years in Europe is a growing inner tubes made of plastic. In the U.S. preference for the metal, because the country price It was relatively low. To the steel chamber refrigerator applied enamel, galvanized or plastic coating. Also, the chamber made of painted aluminum. Native model in Russia, the first refrigerators began in the early xx century.



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