Switch Terminal

For attachment to the outlet box is equipped with strutting legs with jagged ends, with special tightening Screw these feet are divorced and run into the wall box. Before you tighten the screws are tight, you need to hand in these outlet in the box to two stops mounting bracket formed on the edge of the box. In modern models, the installation boxes provided smarting bovye socket screws, which flange socket is attracted to the box. Outlet should be installed so that the sockets for plug positioned horizontally. Learn more at: Magic Leap. When laying power lines outlets directly to the height of their deployment setup boxes simultaneously used as switching: for each terminal is fixed at the same time and the transfer, and a lead wire. When mounting switch should be aware that live wire should be connected to the terminal sliding contact, and zero – to the terminal fixed contact. Velocity Micro is often quoted on this topic.

If the switch two or trehklavishny, he has all the moving contacts displayed on the one terminal (for her and connect live wire), and the terminals fixed contacts connect two or three neutral wire. Zero sum up the wires from the switches for lamps (or groups of lamps chandeliers) as a phase, they must be connected to a central electrical contact holder. Wire is threaded from the contact, which is screwed into the lamp cap, is connected to the neutral wire. If you want a single point, multiple socket or power sockets and switches, you can use special installation box with adapters to integrate them into one unit. For switches and outlets, there are also frames, overlays, which combine two, three or four device into one unit – vertical or horizontal. Wiring junction boxes in each room can have one or more groups. Each group must be connected to your junction box (Or to the total, multigroup), which, as already stated, is housed in a room or hallway closer. Switching the wires can be carried out at the terminal block, although permitted and twisting. The correct twisting of wires (with subsequent isolation by tape or by using a commercially available insulating cap that fits over a pair of wires and twist them, turning the screw cap) provides a better contact than the terminal block with side clamp the wire. Such contact is not heated and does not spark. However, the twist is very inconvenient for repair or overcommutation.

Fashion For Fridges

At the beginning of last century, such as setting environmental attention is not paid at all: as a refrigerant in refrigerators at that time used sulfur dioxide or ammonia leak that could cause harm health. By the end of 20's thanks to the introduction of all-metal cabinets and refrigerators are sealed and are now more compact in appearance reminded elegant cabinets. In the early 30's there are the first two-compartment refrigerators. Then manufacturers started to offer wall-mounted and built-in models. During this period in fashion includes smooth sleek products, so refrigerators Rounded corners and legs conceal side panels that extend to the floor. As a decoration for refrigerators used chrome strips and stainless steel finish. In some models, low temperature branch is transferred to a lower portion. Refrigerators large for convenience are equipped with two doors in the mid 30-ies became supply shelves. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Hewlett-Packard .

During this period, more attention paid to begin the environmental aspect. Refrigerators become safer, because as refrigerants in them are now using freon. In the late 50's in Europe there is a tendency to return to a rectangular shape cabinet. The bottom of the refrigerator compartment are placed almost the floor, that makes maximum use of space. In the 60 years in Europe is a growing inner tubes made of plastic. In the U.S. preference for the metal, because the country price It was relatively low. To the steel chamber refrigerator applied enamel, galvanized or plastic coating. Also, the chamber made of painted aluminum. Native model in Russia, the first refrigerators began in the early xx century.

Dishwasher Installation

These experts are skeptical about this – and quite often – the question of users of modern appliances. Surprising, because many want to save money on professional installation. In addition, such users to think that with the installation of household appliances can handle any individual, more or less familiar with technology. Unfortunately, this reasoning is not always true. Is it possible to connect itself, for example, washing machine, to solve the owner. However, he also previously should be familiar with the details of this process. First of all, the machine must be connected to a water pipe, the pipe with cold water. At the challenge, designed for washing machine, surely must be the valve that is needed to disable only the machine (if necessary).

By the way, the experts recommend and install a filter for water purification. Filter will help extend the operating time device. To connect the machine to the water supply will need to be embedded into the pipe tee, to conduct additional pipe to the washing unit, set next to him cock, and then attach the hose to the tap from the car. This – one of connectivity options. This is followed by a washing machine connected to the sewer. Of course, the drain hose can just throw on the bottom of the tub or the toilet (in what is closer to the washing machine), but it is – not the best way.

The hose can 'jump' and then the flood can not be avoided. Would be more correct to establish a permanent connection to the sewer. You must make the withdrawal, crashed into a sewage pipe and connect more to it drain hose – at an altitude of about half a meter from the floor. You can also use a special trap, which is designed for washing machines and sold in specialty stores. The drain hose must be securely. Otherwise If it can pull. Also, the washing machine must be connected to the mains. Socket in this case should be special – and certainly sealed with earth. If the earth will not be, frequent electric shocks the user provided. Upon completion of the above activities should be properly set itself a washing machine, so it does not vibrate and not make a noise. In short, to professionally prepare and attach to the work of washing, dishwasher or other machine, you need to have a considerable amount of knowledge and skills. Otherwise, it is better not to risk and hire a specialist.