Exciting Birthday Party For The 25th Anniversary

Summer Festival of the Heiltherme Bad Waltersdorf to the motto (ent) exciting, let, Styrian”on the 7.8. over 700 guests that Bad Waltersdorf exceptionally not still went the Heiltherme anniversary it celebrated on Saturday, August 7, 2010 in the source of peace” to. “Reason is a beautiful anniversary: the popular Heiltherme Bad Waltersdorf, the 2009 even to the best Spa of Europe” chosen was, is 25 years young. At the invitation of business leaders like. Gernot German, many prominent guests came to the official birthday party from near and far to initiate together with the Styrian Governor Deputy Hermann Schutzenhofer and the bath Waltersdorfer Mayor Josef Hauptmann on the anniversary.

Styria tourism Managing Director Georg Bliem, businesswoman Andrea Fendrich, ORF sport Chief Edi finger junior, jazz musician were Sam with friend and Manager novel Bogner, ex-runner Eva-Maria Gradwohl, psychic Rosalinde Haller with Franz Josef Xaver Freiherr von DEngel man, like ex-figure skater and event Manager. Claudia Karizma-binder with family, State Secretary for Finance Dr Reinhold Lopatka, Bob Olympic champion Harry Winkler, and many others. “The colorful program ensured that in the otherwise peaceful source of peace” exceptionally a lot was going on. Some triathletes with champion Andi Fuchs Bad Waltersdorf using the Heiltherme years as training centres demonstrated their abilities from 15:00. Then there was a joke competition, where the healing spa guests against the triathletes at the start went. The only thing that finally didn’t play, was the weather. The rain forced the organizers in the evening the party planned as an open air in the lobby of the sources Hotel & Spa connected to the Heiltherme * to move, which did not diminish the good mood but.

The official ceremony was the regionally well-known group of fire & ice”for musical mood. Then came Jazz Gitti on stage and strongly heated up their fans. The guests were able to get culinary delicacies stations with Styrian delicacies strengthen and take this opportunity to explore the 25,000 m large wellness area. Note to the media: Heiltherme Bad Waltersdorf. Sources Hotel & Spa *. Andrea Pieber, Marketing Manager Tel. 03333/500-934, E-mail



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