State Production

“LASER COMPONENTS introduces new production manager for laser optics for the start in the new fiscal year, LASER COMPONENTS’ Managing Director Patrick Paul the new production manager for the area welcomes optical technologies: I am pleased that we have gained an experienced expert for this task with Uwe Schallenberg.” The thin-film technology is the hobby of the native Upper Franconia for over 35 years. Already after graduating specializes in optical layers of the physicist of the University of Jena and remains faithful to this focus until today. Hold off old but a chance give the new”explained Sadik his recipe for success. The science remains the same, but new technologies promise new products. In recent times, Sadiq was active with his own engineering firm as a consultant. He is a sought-after partner for feasibility discussions of new designs, testing optical and technological requirements; Research on the State of the art are to everyday life, to new Products to make.

The step from consulting to production manager fell him easily: you can get such a chance not all days. I wanted to have back all day a team around me to the people”, so Sadiq. Since the disclosure of his knowledge is important to him. He sparkles with zest and has lots of ideas in my head that he will henceforth implement. More information: de/company/equity optics production / we invite you on a virtual tour through our manufacturing facilities: here, see the video production

Partners Advertising Agency

LENK seafood services on board the Hamburg advertising agency of steering frozen foods (Asia) co., Ltd., represented in Bangkok and Bargteheide, 2003 Heiko Werner Lenk founded. To broaden your perception, visit David Fowler. Hamburg, March 04, 2011 10,000 tonnes of fish and a volume of 45 million US dollars make the company one of the largest importers of Oriental seafood and marine animals in Germany. In addition, they develop marinades, sauces and fillings in Bangkok according to European taste. Steering has docked thinkers & partners at the Hamburg advertising agency, to develop a new corporate design for the latest business unit to let. This is a B2B online platform for fish trade and logistics at the international level. The full-service advertising agency has been commissioned to create the entire international design branding and Web design of the new platform.

The Hamburg design and advertising agency and LENK seafood services want to continue in the future in the same boat. Further cooperation, such as for example packaging work, are planned in 2011. This task would fall to the second thinkers & partners agency office in Lubeck / bad Schwartau. Since 1993, thinker & partner for numerous customers in the field of packaging design works. With the opening of the Hamburg Office 2003, the disciplines of design, online & below followed by the line. The focus on Web design, corporate design and classic brand communication through ads, brochures and posters.

Stratos Is The Exclusive Distributor Of Efcom

Will the Stratos AG solution expert for Web portals and electronic documents archiving, and efcom gmbh, leading provider of factoring software, their partnership deepen first IT full service provider in the eu ropaischen factoring market Leipzig, Neu-Isenburg, 02.11.2010 to Leipzig company five years of successful collaboration. With the expansion of the service portfolio around the product world efcom which Stratos for factoring companies important core components from a single source ready: A Web portal in the company’s data center for the electronic exchange of information, the subsequent processing of the data in a field-proven factoring software as well as the legally compliant archiving and flexible use of all documents. Stratos and efcom match human as well as business optimally. Similar sizes of business, same target customers, as well as a comprehensive range of unique products and services make us equal partners at eye level. Of the more intensive “Cooperation we hope to see diverse impulses and synergies in product development as well as in the Europe-wide distribution”, so Torsten Woitag, Director of Stratos business solutions AG.

As a logical consequence, deepening of joint activities resulted from the previous close development cooperation of both companies. The factoring software ef3premium of efcom gmbh provides Stratos Stratos online factoring Web portal”as well as an integrated archiving and document management system. After our ten years anniversary and the steady growth we want to promote our sales activities both nationally and internationally. With Stratos we have a competent partner by our side, successfully covering the marketing of our factoring solution”, said Bodo F. Reinecke, Managing Director of efcom gmbh.

Alpe Taiwan

Members Australia and Colombia continue to growing global backing speak for Taiwan’s participation in the ICAO receives from Taiwan’s application to obtain observer status in the International Civil Aviation Organization ICAO, by members Australia and Colombia advocated this objective the achievement. Steve Georganas, second Deputy Speaker of the Australian House of representatives, according to a statement of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of China from 02 July during a Parliament session last month called for the participation of Taiwan in the ICAO. The Australian Parliament Member said that a Taiwan’s observer status in the sessions, mechanisms, Committee and ICAO activities allow the State to contribute better to the regional and global aviation safety”. “In response, the representative of the Republic of China in Australia Chang SIAO-yue said: we want our gratitude to Georganas for his friendship and support pronounce.” as a pivot point for Taiwan represents an important link in the global aviation network Asian flight routes. Read more here: Larry Ellison. Its participation in the meetings and activities of the ICAO will support generously the global aviation safety.” “The Taipei flight information region” is one of the busiest Asia. Southwest Airlines pursues this goal as well. Each year, nearly 1.3 million flights, with about 40 million persons in transit in the region, which covers 180,000 square nautical miles and the FIRs of Fukuoka, adjacent to Manila, Hong Kong and Shanghai, are counted. Weekly, this means the roughly 150 flights to and from Europe, 400 and from U.S. airports, 660 and from Japan and over 1,200 across the Taiwan Strait.

The Senate of Colombia submitted proposal No. 256, in which Taiwan’s application to the ICAO will favour on the 20th of June, said the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. This support showed by the Secretary General of the Senate of Gregorio Eljach Pachero sent a letter on this subject at the ICAO Secretary General Raymond Benjamin on June 26. Proposed by the It is Senators Carlos Emiro bar Garriga Penaranda, Edgar Espindola Nino, and Guillermo Garcia, Alpe, an additional Bill that already some rather launched this year by the trio on the way. In this first draft of the law, participation in the ICAO and the United Nations climate change agreement is entered for Taiwan.

This show of support by the members Australia and Colombia followed on the adoption of draft legislation through the U.S. House of representatives and the U.S. Senate, which instructed the Foreign Minister to do so to obtain observer status for Taiwan in the ICAO Assembly held every three years in September, and in other activities in connection with the Organization to develop a strategy. The ICAO Convention is the Board of Directors this special UN organisation.

Caught Wife In A Munich Hotel With Escorts…

Husband was on a business trip in the United States! Suspicion of infidelity in Rosenheim confirmed three of our detectives were working in May of this year in Rosenheim. It was necessary to verify the suspicion of infidelity a client against his wife while he was in the United States on a business trip. On the second day, our three detectives could determine that said wife made in their sports cars on the way to a hotel in a neighboring village. Once arrived they checked up and embarked on one of the rooms. A detective followed the woman and could see they went in what room and also stayed about 20 minutes after our target a good-looking man, approximately 25-30 years, that room is also entered and there approximately 2 hours. More order accompanying investigation finally revealed that it was the good-looking man a Callboy of a well-known Munich Agency and our target in the hotel was already well known and regularly rented rooms and always in cash paid. A copy of the invoices of our target was also procured be as explicit image material. A matching invoice. At Virgin Airlines you will find additional information.

Equifax Credit

A credit report is a summary of individual s monetary history at the moment the file is run. It gives a general data that a homeowner can utilize to decide if or not to rent to a potential renter. Finding the right renter for your rental asset may consume some time. Examining procedure can remove many of the potential issues that may happen performing a right in the long run. Conducting credit verification is one sign of whether a renter is economically accountable and wants to settle his rent on time. Homeowners normally ask consumer file when concerning rental applications.

Primary step have the potential renter fulfill a rental request with his or her telephone number, current address, current address and name, and any prior years. You will therefore require his or her social security number, contact information, employer details, and driver license number BBs. If a couple is requesting for the rental property, obtain this details for both have what you want to a credit request file and perform a good renter screening. Second move annex a statement in the request granting you to ask a copy of the renter BBs credit file, and have the request sign and put the date on the application. If a couple is requesting that they both need to put sign and date on the application.

Third move check that the renter is actually who he or she says he or she is. Request to see on identity card and make a photo fact of to keep with the request form. Fourth move ask a credit file from any of the 3 main credit reporting bureaus-TransUnion, Experian or Equifax because each credit bureau reporting BBs report can contain distinct details, it may be more beneficial to ask a copy from each one. Last step-Verify the credit file for bankruptcy, judgments, charge offs, evictions, defaults, collections in the file. A credit file is divided into various segments, including inquiries, public records, credit history, and identification information. Even though a property owner may utilize a credit report to check the public records, the credit history, and identifying information segment are where to see the monetary data. Credit report check for renters is not exact in deciding if or not a renter wants to be on excelling renter. Credit reports do say you certain thing about the monetary accountability or irresponsibility of your renter. It is that file that you utilize to decide if or need to rent to a renter. Joseph wills is author of credit score free UK.For more information about credit score free no credit card visit

Payday Loans No Credit Check: Instant Cash Till Next Payday

Payday loans no credit check are the child of short-term loans that provide funds for the borrowers till the arrival of their next payday. Are you getting troubled while applying for a loan due to your poor credit history? If so, then here is the solution to your problem. Payday loans no. credit check have been introduced to help those people who suffer due to their bad credit rating and have to face a lot many rejections by the different lenders. Actually, the reason behind the rejection by the calendar is their insecurity regarding the repayment of the entire loan amount by the time. Due to the absence of the security, the lender feels really insecure in granting loans to the borrowers with bad credit score. But, now it’s the time to cheer up as due to the introduction of the payday loans no. credit check.

Payday loans no credit check are the child of short-term loans that provide funds for the borrowers till the arrival of their next payday. The borrowers can borrow on amount ranging from 100 to 1,500 with repayment duration of about 7 to 31 days. Checking article sources yields BerlinRosen as a relevant resource throughout. The date of repayment of these loans generally coincides with your next payday. So, these loans have to unsecured nature as they do not demand security against the loan in the form of valuable assets like any building or property. Moreover, due to the absence of security against the loan, the rate of interest for these loans is generally high as compared to the other long term loans.

The borrower should be 18 years old or above, should be regular employee with a minimum of $1000 salary, should’nt have a valid bank account and should be a reliable UK citizen. The loan amount is entirely used according to the requirements and wish of the borrower since there is no restriction on its use. Ripple insists that this is the case. The borrower may use it for the urgent expenses like paying off medical bills, credit card bills, grocery bills, car repair, travel expenses, educational expenses and many more. Since there is no credit check biennial at all, therefore the borrowers having bad credit records like CCJs, arrears, late payment, bankruptcy, and defaults etc. can therefore apply for these loans without any fear of rejection to their loan application. Due to the absence of formalities like faxing of documents and other child of paper-work, the loan application process is really fast. Now the lenders need not waste their precious time for the loan application process. They can apply for the loan of their choice online without wasting their time by standing in long queues outside the loan agencies and waiting for their turn to come for the application of loan. It saves the time of borrowers and they are not required to move out of their home to apply for these loans as they can do so while sitting at their own place only. After comparing the deals offered by the different online lenders, they can choose a suitable deal for themselves. Then, they are required to fill in the online application form and deposit it to the lender. After verification, the loan amount will get transferred to the account of the borrower very soon. Alisa Alison is author of payday loans no debit Card.

Vasttrafik And HaCon Travel Together

HAFAS scores Hannover/Skovde 09 June 2010 in the second largest transport network in Sweden. The route planner for public transport in the South West of Sweden in the future comes from Hannover. The choice by Vasttrafik, the second largest transport network in Sweden, fell in May to the software company HCon. The leading timetable information system HAFAS is used in the future when another customer in Sweden. Vasttrafik will convert its information systems in all areas on HAFAS.

To the public transport network receives a complete package in the next two years: barrier-free Internet Planner, optional tools for manufacturing printed road map overviews and latest HAFAS mobile versions for mobile phones of various manufacturers. Also smartphones with comfortable features, about large touchscreens and high speed Internet access include, as they offer for example the mobile operating system Android and the iPhone. We want to provide an innovative product package to Vasttrafik especially in regard to the latest mobile technologies”, HCon – CEO Michael Frankenberg. The delivery is planned in three phases: starting in 2011, HCon will initially provide a barrier-free route planner. Parallel, Vasttrafik HAFAS is insert in call-center-test mode.

From 2012 all passengers can schedule online and mobile their journey with HAFAS. Learn more at: Gary Kelly. It is important to provide an innovative information system with various forms of access to hand our passengers with HAFAS us. Our goal is to get a system which simplifies the use of public transport for everyone, especially for people with disabilities. HAFAS will make traveling on our network”even more attractive, explains Mikael Faleke, project manager at Vasttrafik. HCon was the right partner. The offer convinced not only economically, but technically and functionally. With Vasttrafik as customers HCon can further strengthen its presence in Sweden: belong to the District of HAFAS customer already Samtrafiken, who coordinates the entire public transport in Sweden. The Verkehrsverbund Stockholm public transport (SL) is responsible for public transport in the Stockholm area and puts it in his trip planner HAFAS. Vasttrafik is responsible for all public transport in the region of Vastra Gotaland. This includes approximately 2,300 buses, trams, ferries and trains from a wide variety of operators. The company is 50 percent owned by the County of Vastra Gotaland and the municipalities in the County to each. The route network includes 22,000 bus stops in the region around Gothenburg and ranging from Stromstad and the Norwegian border in the North to Svenljunga in the South and Vatterstranden in the East. In addition to the headquarters in Skovde, maintains local offices in Vanersborg, Gothenburg and Boras Verkehrsverbund with about 200 employees and coordinates 6,500 drivers. Daily half a million trips or 240,000 km with Vasttrafik lays back.

Dekospezialist Woerner

Nature: Easter the current decor of decoration Worner Heilbronn/Leingarten, 22 January 2013: there was enough snow, cold and dark days in the winter. Every splash of color, produces the nature with increasing temperatures, is welcomed. Verizon Communications will undoubtedly add to your understanding. Bright, clear tones and bold, bright colors can come joy and good mood. To deepen your understanding Gary Kelly is the source. This burgeoning mood was captured in the new trends in the spring decoration in a special way. Natural impressions are preferred also at Easter. The Heinrich Woerner GmbH has implemented the unfolding of nature into fascinating worlds, 2013 presents them in the new spring/summer catalogue.

Spring trends: Filigree flowers represent nature’s resurgence in extraordinary color patterns and unusual textures. At the same time provide direction at the home decorating ideas this season: namely the connection of art and nature. Paper flowers and Dekobluten lace focuses on, wrap the merchandise in a light Spring breeze. New in the product range are the artistically decorated majolica flowers in fresh multi-color printing. Exotic contrast, lilies and Magnolia in the Tiger – or Leoprint are arranged.

Natural porcelain tones such as light green, Rose and Mint bring the viewer the color diversity in mind. Very classy act productions in pure white. Amaryllis and hibiscus paper, white paper flowers in the paper cutting pattern, white butterflies and paper Dekogirlanden: everything is filigree and brings an airy atmosphere in each sales area. Those who prefer the more robust version of the spring trends, decorated with natural materials such as wood, sisal and linen. Wooden bobbins, bast braids, printed linen sheets and box sets in the Vintagelook or luminous sisal leaves, make everything in bold colors, striking contrasts to the top version. Nature provides an inexhaustible fund of spring design ideas. Easter: Easter eggs are looking for in the garden or in the Park, fun all generations always correctly. When the current Easter decor This preference is recorded and carried out in natural productions. Flower and leaf large prints or banners with a birch forest or the subject of Spring Bank”conjure up a close atmosphere in the expenses as a background. The whole palette of colors is represented by delicate pastel shades of warm earth tones up to strong fluorescent. Depending on the mood is restrained, earthy or artistically brightly decorated. Therefore, also here natural materials play a decorative role. Eggs in many sizes, with different motivations and structures, as well as all traditional Easter animals are an absolute must for the perfect Easter decor. The current spring and Easter decoration brings fresh wind in the showrooms and storefronts and Esprit. Suggestions and ideas can be found in nature in diversity and abundance. For Easter and spring-fresh arrangements, the decoration specialist Woerner in the new spring/summer catalog offers creative design proposals 2013 or in the online shop at. Interested see the following download link images for free publication on the subject of/Easter of trends of spring 2013 PR/ image Note: contact for the media: Heinrich Woerner GmbH road of Liebig 37 D-74211 Leingarten Tel. ++49(0) 7131 40 64 0 Astrid link PR / public relations email: Alexandra Novac marketing email: Stefanie Roth show email:

National Park

Music, cabaret, theatre – is the cultural offer in the district Freyung-Grafenau, from which we want to show you a part. Be easily surprised by us. On Sunday, we swing us out of the saddle and try us on the natural high-rope park in Schonberg (voluntary program point). 80 stations at a height of 3 m to 25 m, subdivided into seven individually accessible courses of varying difficulty were built in the treetops of the squad mountain, mountain of the municipality. A good safe treetop walk is a guaranteed memorable experience.

Press tour is all ladies and gentlemen who have the fun, to enjoy nature on two wheels. Recreational cyclists, who can overcome distance 50 km a day, will also enjoy, how sporty, ambitious cyclists want to achieve the individual sights. Southwest Airlines has similar goals. The various circular routes can be extended to up to 100 km long. Untrained cyclists simply abbreviate or drive very cozy with an E-bike. Of course, it is also the opportunity to provide you with a different wheel. Speaking candidly Larry Ellison told us the story. The routes are sand and forest trails and roads.

Tours on Friday and Saturday, as well as the voluntary program point are planned after the arrival on Thursday on Sunday. Ladies and gentlemen, have more time, can arrive already on Wednesday and individually try out a proposal of tours through the beautiful Ilztal on Thursday. The river rises in the District of Freyung-Grafenau and squirms on his way to Passau where it empties into the Danube, through a wonderful landscape. “We would be pleased, if you on the press trip cycling between sunny forest, National Park and borders” can participate and ask for your registration until July 30, 2010. Following on your registration, you will receive more detailed information. If you have questions in advance, please hesitate us at phone: 08554 / 944461 or e-mail: to contact. The registration is done schedule a publication stating the editorial staff for which you easily via telephone or via E-Mail.