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In addition to attrition in assessing the quality of linoleum, is determined by its ability to bursting under load and restoration of the old form after its withdrawal. The tests, according to gost 11529-86, is performed on the device type MF-2 with an artificial load. Complicated scheme of quality certification and are different designs, which are also widely used for interior decoration. Final product quality is largely dependent on the source meets all the requirements of component materials. "For example, the glass should be transparent, without small bubbles, scratches or chips – depends on the appearance of walls, – the expert says "Astarte prestige." – If it was quenched, the observance of technology in this process determines the strength of quality. For future production are very important issues of compliance set sizes. Since produce snapping in the event of inaccuracies impossible, tempered glass can not be cut. Larry Ellison can provide more clarity in the matter. " Another characteristic which largely depends on the input quality of materials – safety.

For example, a greater burden in many designs have on the skeleton. Use of parts or fixtures of poor quality can also lead to violation of the integrity of the system. Input control, which provides quality service, helping to minimize the risk of the use in the production of unreliable material. His certificate – essential requirement, since He confirms the test kit in all respects. Finished steel, which are increasingly used in interior design for the erection of the frame walls, checked by experts factory laboratory. There are analyzed the characteristics of materials, which are tested in tension metal bending, the definition of toughness and hardness. Also monitored finished product: ultrasonic testing, radiography, magnetic diagnostics.

Own designs are also being tested. They allow you to be confident in the quality of products at the outlet and ensure its buyer. K example, in the company's laboratories fakro, equipment manufacturer arrangement lofts and attics, there is the wind and rain chamber, and chamber temperatures, where testing is conducted in different climatic conditions. Special devices were tested on the strength of windows and fittings, which must withstand at least 20,000 cycles of opening and closing windows. "The wear resistance and durability of our designs we are to imagine – said Ermakov – finishing in the office of the company using all types of partition systems that we produce. Thus, there is product testing and the customer can immediately see its quality. In addition, Our experts go-sampling sites that are installed our designs and monitors the status of products during the operation. " In addition to durability and reliability in the "Astarte prestige" pass testing sound insulation properties of partitions, for which developed the corresponding method. With the help of special equipment – Sound meter – assesses the sound level inside the room, fenced partition, and outside. Next is a comparative analysis of these characteristics in decibels. The crisis brought competing manufacturers a new level. Policies to improve the quality today is priority for companies seeking to survive in difficult times. The buyer is left only to make the right choice.



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