Chapada Diamantina

Different results and Quarrels Analyzing the use and occupation of the ground intrinsically on to the natural resources in the Sheet region – BA, are observed that the activity I at the beginning pan of it in the diamond extration of century XIX, and the tourism at more recent times, they are sobressaem ahead of the too much economic activities of this region. The region is distinguished different reasons pro, being this a region of springs, a time that its geomorfologia propitiates the formation of innumerable talvegues, being component important in the formation of the Basin of the Paraguau, essential for half-barren Bahian, possessing still one riqussima biodiversity and in unknown part. Topographical the Sheet region – BA is caused an accident in surplus, with mountain ranges, mounts waterfalls, valleys with great depth and straits excavated for rivers, encircled of immense paredes and peaks that reach 1400m of altitude more than. Inserted in a basin of sedimentary rocks, with signals of posterior burials causing a light metamorfismo, allows through the measured rocks, to be dated of the Proterozico, observing itself as soon as the geologic processes that had acted in the constitution of the Sheet region – BA had been crawled for millions of years, composing its fisiogrficos aspects current that are on to dynamics, that relates relief, with use and occupation of the ground. The use and occupation of the ground, according to Rose (1989), can be understood as being the form for which the space this being busy for the man, this implies that it is of great importance to carry through survey of use and occupation of the ground, to evaluate the situation of this space and if this occupation and use this being carried through of positive or negative form. In the region of the Chapada Diamantina, and later in the Sheet region – BA, the starting point for occupation and use of the ground, it must occasions minerador initiated in the second half of century XVII, when Ferno Days discovered emeralds in the serrana region of Minas Gerais and its friends had found the gold, facts these that had stimulated the propagation of the calls flags.



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