Well, the theme is that each of us has an account in this Bank this account is called time. Every day each one of us has 86,400 seconds to spend.Either one more or one less.We all have the same amount. None of these seconds you can never go back and be lived again. You can not build up that not used well you must live in the present with the tank today.And you must invest your time better for health, well-being, wisdom and happiness. Time is critical and NLP is a tool that takes into account this factor their techniques save sometimes years of trying to change without achieving too is sometimes controversial this topic, but many NLP techniques to achieve a quick and effective change in people helping to improve their lives by putting them in the path of well-being, and a virtuous circle. Clock, by the way well makes his work and time relentless continues its path and gives you the maximum of each day do not allow any valuable second of your time to be in vain in pain, suffering, fears, painful memories.

That’s not useful but all go through processes of pain, loss and fears is very human. As well and all…is much more useful focus on solutions, asking you questions to the PNL style what is the best way to spend this moment?. be present, here and now, to live with joy and serenity! Attention, to live the present does not mean that we should stop our projects on the future, leaving set ourselves specific objectives or stop believing and work to achieve our dreams, on the contrary! It is simply better to let go, have an attitude of experimenter, to go for change, as the PNL proposed leave flowing life, put aside the concerns, leaving cling to what you limits and maintain serenity and positivity: a spirit with serene and joyful it will be much easier to achieve your goals.



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