National Curricular Parameters

The problems that exist on the practical one of these professionals are diverse, of order of identification and confusion on the concepts and contents to be lecionados. In the last few decades diverse workmanships of National Curricular Parameters (PCNs) had been produced to review the abilities and abilities of the geography education. In accordance with the PCNs of geography of Basic Ensino I, one analyzes done for the Foundation Carlos Chagas, observed that the problems for the geography education are diverse, enters they: ' ' abandonment of basic contents of Geography, such as the categories of nation, territory, place, landscape and even though of geographic space, as well as of the study of the physical and biological elements that if find gifts there (CURRICULAR PARAMETERS NATIONAL OF GEOGRAPHY, 2000) ' '. Thus, it deduces that the professional is not qualified has disciplines to lecionar it of geography, for not having theoretical knowledge on the categories of geographic analysis. They are common modismos that they search to sensetize the thematic pupils for more current, without a real concern to promote an understanding of the multiple factors that of them are causes or results, what it provokes one ' ' envelhecimento' ' fast of the contents. An example is the forced adaptation of the ambient questions in resumes and didactic books that still preserve a speech of Traditional Geography and do not have as objective a procedural and critical understanding of these questions, come if to transform into the learning of slogans (CURRICULAR PARAMETERS NATIONAL OF GEOGRAPHY, 2000). The society is dynamic, procedural. The education of geographic needs to understand the reality, the moment, however it needs also to understand that the description-geographic processes that are occurring had a series of factors and not of prompt form. This practical type of educative restricts the notion of the geography transformed it into mere descriptive science, where it does not become association and relation between the factors.



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