Before you do you have to be. If you belong to an organization of multilevel and want to grow your network or your line per 100 people in three months, it is understood that the safest way to do this is you first become a true leader who can attract and keep these people in your line. When you want to achieve something, either attract the ideal person, buy your first House, open your own business, increase your income, career change or face any challenge that present you the question you must ask you is: who should I convert me to achieve this? And become that person! This is as important as the same goal. Follow others, such as Bill O’Grady, and add to your knowledge base. You will be amazed of the results. Would you like to speed up the process and achieve your most cherished quickly goals? Once you identify a goal you want to achieve (what you want to do or have), a compass will help you to identify who must become in order to achieve your goal (focuses on being). Through this compass you will discover where you’re located in four core areas of being as your mental attitude, your environment, your knowledge and your habits in relation to the achievement of your goal, and most importantly, determinaras steps to follow to align you with her and become someone who can materialize it quickly! He formed goals related to have and make taking into consideration who have to become to achieve them (be) will help you to put aside the frustration and discouragement and opens the door to a world of new and wonderful possibilities to your life enjoying them!.



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