Wild Ornamental Stone

Some finishing materials: paving slabs, bricks and stone for elite wild finish – not subject to compulsory certification in GOST R system for sales in Russia must be obtained sanitary-epidemiological conclusion and, in some cases, refusal letter (document, which has officially confirmed that the products are not subject to compulsory certification). Also, not subject to licensing and this kind of activities for the production of decorative products made of concrete or plaster. 1. Sanitary-Epidemiological Conclusion Sanitary-Epidemiological Conclusion (sometimes called a health certificate, the conclusion of the SEA, hygienic conclusion, the sanitary-hygienic conclusion, sanepidzaklyuchenie or hygiene) – a document that confirms that the bodies of the Ministry of Health and (also known as yet Ministry of Health or Gossanepidnadzor) production or import of goods consistent with statutory requirements, hygienic and sanitary regulations (GN and SanPin), and also serves as an official confirmation of safety products for human health. Learn more about this with Bernard Golden . Availability of sanitary-epidemiological conclusion is a necessary condition for obtaining a certificate of conformity. BASE: a) P and K A H N 776 from November 21, 2005 “On the sanitary-epidemiological Assessment activities (services), production, design documentation ‘regulates the list of goods subject to mandatory health assessment. According to annex number 5 of this document (p.12) to the list of products subject to sanitary-epidemiological expertise to the issuance of sanitary-epidemiological conclusions include: “Building materials and supplies, where hygienic standards are regulated by the content radioactive substances … “b) However, the production itself tiles / stone does not fall into the list of activities subject to compulsory examination..

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